Online Business Directory Listings – Are they Really Helpful?

“Not all business that start daily reach the niche. 90% of them fail in the very first three months of launching, and that is due to poor planning and using improper marketing platform.”

Online Directories for Business

Online business directory is just like an offline one with a difference that it is not heavy to carry like the later one. But the purpose of both the mode of directories is the same. Directories are good for putting your name and contact details, so that people could come to know about your business and contact your.

If you are in an online business, you must be well aware with the term “backlinks”. So in an online or offline directory also, every contact listed works like a backlink following which someone contacts you.

But still many people are scared of going for business directories available online. They either consider it just a wastage of time or are not aware with the potential benefits of using them.

There are many online business directories available in the market online but one of the most largest  business directory in the world is Tradesi in Australia. This directory is not only a local but a full-fledged online business directory also that houses a very big list of local and international business.

Tradesi is used as a digital platform also to promote business online and get more target audiences to expand the network.

Are Online Business Directories Really Helpful?

Many online businesses are flourishing in the market with the help of these online directories. We myself have also used their services and can say that they are really helpful or worth giving a try at least once.

Benefits of Business Directory Listings

  1. First and foremost goal of any business to get more audience and business. Online business directory listing can help you to improve your online presence. There are many businesses which are getting online daily but due to lack of more audience, are not visible to the world. Here, online business directories can you.
  2. Online directories help in creating a positive first impression. It is one impression many times that leave a long lasting impact on people; whether offline or online.
  3. The more you are in the highlights and approachable, the more people will find you closer to them. Business directories help you to get highly visible to your local communities too.
  4. Retaining old clients is important to any business but what is more important more is to get new customers to increase the revenue and prestige in the market. Online business directory helps you in getting you in the eyes of new customers.
  5. Online business directory works like word of mouth. There are so many apps and smart phones available in the market which customers can use to publish reviews of the products or experience. Getting listed on online business directory can help you get more customers and who can spread about your business to the world.
  6. Online business helps to create backlinks and improves SEO. Google needs trust from its users to bring some one in the google search results. The more it finds you in the online business directories, the better will help you to improve SEO.
  7. Online directories can help you in bringing your business in the top search result on search engines. Every business wants to come in the top 10 of search engines and online directories can help you in doing so.
  8. Online directories can help you to improve your brand value and strengthen reputation. Many business thing that if they get online and someone gives a negative remark to them, it would harm there business. But this is just a myth. Think in a way that if you do good business and provide best services, people would give you positive comments and this can help to make your business trustworthy. And in the end it is only trust or faith that brings your closer to someone.


There are many other benefits also which we have not mentioned in this article. But it is really very important in today’s time to get yourself listed in online directories. They have immense benefits and not using them can actually hurt your business.

We have tried to answer the above question, “Are Online Business Directories Really Helpful?”. Hope you might have got the best reply now. You can still answer in the comment box if not satisfied yet.

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