Seafarers-Role and Day of Seafarer Celebrations


In modern time, the world trade is carried mostly by ship. As an estimate about 90% of the world trade is taken care by ship. For the smooth functioning of sea trade by ship highly skilled people are needed. Those who are responsible for the smooth functioning, maintenance and operation of the fleet are Seafarers.

Who are seafarers?

Seafarers are those person who have been employed by a shipowner to the various services on ship at sear. They are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship. A journey by sea taken months of time. Sometimes Seafarers have to live without their home and families for ten to twelve months.

Just think how they would remain in the ship and what would be going on in their mind during this time about their children, spouse, families or other responsibilities.

Seafarers perform their duty to successfully operate the trade and bring their country and job to the front before their personal commitments. Their job is highly commendable.

Celebrations of the Day of the Seafarer

Every year on 25th June, “Annual Day of the Seafarer” is celebrated to honor and celebrate the services and contributions made by seafarers from all over the world.

Therefore, the main purpose of celebration “Day of the Seafarer” on 25 June every year is to recognize and acknowledge the unique contribution made by Seafarers from all over the world towards the International trade, world economy and civil society as told above.

Theme for Annual Day of Seafarers

Seafarer make their contribution towards international seaborne trade, the world economy and civil society and the same time. The theme for Annual Day of the Seafarer keeps on changing every year.

In 2020, theme for Seafarer day is “Seafarers are Key Workers“.

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