SIT probe in Sunanda Pushkar murder case

In Sunanda Pushkar suicide case, the Special Investigation Team is going to do forensic tests of more than 500 pages of the deceased and her husband, Shashi Tharoor’s laptops and mobile phones.

The SIT is taking help of The Directorate of Forensic Sciences based in Gandhinagar, who submitted these reports to former last week. The police want to ascertain if any of the dates was deleted from mobile phones or other gadgets before or after the death of Sunanda Pushkar, who was found dead in a room of a five star hotel last year.
For the investigation, Delhi Police had sent two laptops and mobile phones for analysis, reading and retrieving the data. The SIT has written to help from Twitter, Facebook and blackberry retrieve the information of social media accounts of Sunanda Puskhar and also the list of people whom she was in touch with.

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Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi said, “We had sent equipment for retrieval of data to the forensic science lab. They performed the task and sent a detailed report to us, which is being examined. If something of interest comes up or we need to clarify it from anybody, we will do that.”

It is noted that Sunanda had died in a room of Delhi Leela hotel last year and her death was considered a case of suicide in first attempt but the police is investigating from all corners before arriving at any conclusion.

Delhi Police is also awaiting final reports from FBI to know about the type of poison found in the body of Sunanda Pushkar body. The doctors in AIIMS said that Indian lab lack the facility to identify the poison that caused the death, therefore, the sample would be sent to the US.


Small Biography of Sunanda Pushkar

Sunanda was born on 27 June 1962 as Sunanda Das to Jaya Das and Pushkar Nath Das in Sopore. She was the only daughter of her parents and his father was in Army who got retired in 1983 as Lt. Colonel. She had two brothers, one is working with a bank and another is serving in Indian Army. Her family moved to Jammu in 1990 after their house was set on fire by militants. She did her graduation from Government Women College, Srinagar.

She was studying in college when she met a hotel management graduate Sanjay Raina and both fell in love with each other. They both married, but got divorced soon in 1988.

After divorce Sunana went to Dubai where she married Sujith Menon in 1991 and together they had a son, Shiv Menon who was born in November 1992. But Sujith died in a car accident in Delhi when he was in India in March 1997. After the demise of his husband, she had come under debts and was facing financial losses as a result she left her four years old son with her sister in law and later with her parents in India.

She worked very hard to come up with the losses and emigrated to Canada in 1990s to give her son’s speech therapy, where she became partner with Valley Resources. She earned wealth during the dot-cum bubble, but the business got close and suffered losses in 2001. In August 2004, she returned back to Dubai with a Canadian membership.
Later she met with Shashi Tharoor and both married and lived together happily. They were staying in The Hotel Leela Palace due to some work going on in their house when her dead body was found in a room number 345 a day after twitter controversy.


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