Best Skin Care Tips in Summer

Season changes and so the weather, and every season has some pros and cons. Summer season is the one that need utmose care of skin. No one wants to face the summer when the sun is playing its role to the best in spreading its hotness!!

Step out of the house in summer, and bet you will return with tanning if have not taken preventive measures. This is true that we can not avoid hot scorching sun rays but we can take preventive measures to protect our body and skin from its effects.

Sun’s direct heat can cause premature aging of skin, spots, marks, dry skin, wrinkles and can even cause skin cancer, if faced for a long time without any safety.

9 Best Skin Care Tips in Summer

  1. Protection from Sun
    Summer is the time when sun’s heat is at its peak and can cause damage to your skin. So this is important to get full protection from it by staying indoor most of the time. It is said that the sun rays are more dangerous between 10am and 3pm in the day time, and this is the time when sun rays are very strong and can adversely affect your skin.
    So to beat this, if it is unavoidable to step out please do not forget to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you leave. You can re-apply sunscreen after regular intervals if have been out in the sun for long hours.Also, use sun glasses while stepping out as the heat can directly hit your eyes and muscles around it which are very delicate and prone to damage easily.  Carry umbrella or cover your head with a cloth or cap to prevent direct falling of heat on it. Sun protection in summer
  2. Stay Hydrated
    Our body is composed of 70% of water and tends to sweat and lose a lot of water in the summer. It is important to replenish your body with water and take at-least 8-9 glasses of water. Liquids in the form of juices, coconut water can also be taken along with water if you want to. Drink a lot of liquids and avoid caffeine and tea and your skin will feel soft and moisturize naturally as well.
  3. Give up Aerated drinks
    When we advice people to stay hydrated then they go for aerated drinks like cold drinks, soda etc. without knowing that they are very harmful for our body as they contain chemicals  and high level of sugar content harmful for our skin and waist line. Try optional drinks like lemon juice, fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, green mango drink(aam panna in hindi) or coconut water to remain hydrated all the time. Drinking warm water in the morning can remove toxins from the body and clear of skin.
  4. Face Cleaning
    Wash your face twice a day to remove dirt from it and make it a regular practice of this even if you are indoor, never go to sleep without cleaning your face. Use any good quality face wash or buy a ready made cleanser from market as per your skin type.
  5. Exfoliate your Skin
    Exfoliate is a procedure of mild rubbing of your skin with a scrubber to remove dead cells and improve blood circulation to the face. Market is flooded with different types of exfoliate scrubs that you can buy or can prepare one at home.

    To make home made exfoliate follow the following steps:
    1.  Take 4 to 5 tsps of gram flour
    2.  A pinch of turmeric powder
    3.  Few drops of rose water
    4.  Milk or curd
    Mix all the above ingredients to form a proper consistency, neither too thick nor too diluted and exfoliate your skin with this. Follow this by a face mask and a moisturizer.

  6. Apply Face mask for glow
    After exfoliating skin, use face mask on it to get a beautiful glow. You can buy a ready made kits available like VLCC,  Gold, nature’s etc. or prepare a  mask at home.
    To make home made face masks, you can use fruits like banana or papaya and mix them with honey and rose water and then apply this on face. Another good face mask is sandalwood with rose water, you can add little rose water to it for better results and then apply on face, wash it thoroughly once it is dried.facial for glow and young skinYou can use grated cucumber mixed with cucumber on face to give it a cooling effect, leave on skin for for 15 minutes or till it is dried and then rinse your face with fresh water. This is an effective way of removing sun tan and marks on face.

    If have time then can visit a parlor to give yourself beauty treatment.

  7.  Take Full Rest and Sleep
    Give your body full rest and sleep if you want it to work efficiently. None of the beauty treatments can bring any glow on your skin if your body is deprived of sleep.  Lack of sleep makes one lethargic and lazy all the times. Dark circles under eyes are first common signals of deprived sleep so beware the very time first you notice them under your eyes. A daily good night sleep of 7-8 hours is sufficient for a healthy body and also take a small nap in the afternoon if needed. Tips for healthy body and mind for working women
  8. Exercise
    Exercise is not seasonal and should be a part of our life in all the seasons. Pranayam or deep breathing and postures are good for overall fitness and weight loss. Daily 20-30 minutes of brisk walk is good for weight control  and healthy heart as walking  keeps body fat in control. Try sun salutation which is one of the best exercise as it not only improves flexibility but is also effective in weight loss and keep your waist line under control.walking is the best exercise
  9.  Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
    Eat seasonal fruits like water melon, melon,mangoes, lemons etc.. These are few of the seasonal fruits which are rich in water content and healthy also at the same time. Seasonal fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins which are needed for a healthy body.Make it a practice to drink milk as it is the best health drink one can have. Milk is rich in  calcium and phosphorous along with other health nutrients for healthy bones and teeth.  Our bones get week with time and age, so taking milk regularly can slow down ageing effect. Moreover, white and strong teeth always impart extra beauty to your personality.  Yoga for beginners

 If you follow the above tips we assure you that you can enjoy summer to the fullest without worrying about your health.

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Skin care during summer is very important as the heat can cause wrinkles, spots, marks, pimples, rashes, dark circles and even skin cancer also.

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