National Doctor’s Day in India

doctors-day“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

Doctors play an important role in the lives of people and without them the life seems to be empty. With the advancement of technologies, skills  and invention of life-saving machines, doctors have saved lives of many patients.

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated to appreciate and recognize the role of doctors in our society. Most of the countries have different day reserved to appreciate the relentless efforts by the doctors of their country. For example, in United States, 30th March is kept reserved to celebrate as “National Doctor’s Day”, while in Iran, it is celebrated on Sharivar month(1st to 23 August). In Cuba, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated on December 3 which is a holiday to commemorate the birthday of Carlos Juan Finlay. He was a great scientist and a physician who is recognized to make a research of yellow fever.

National Doctor’s Day in India

In India, 1st July is celebrated as National Doctor’s Day to appreciate the efforts of doctors made in the society. It is a day reserved to honor the legendary physician, “Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy”. Dr. Bidhan was born non July 1, 1982 and died on the same day after 80 years Ie;  in 1962.

Why do we Celebrate Doctor’s Day?

Any celebration is done to mark the day for someone’s accomplishments and recognition towards society or in someone’s life. Same way doctors are the most important people in any healthy society. They do the man kind services to make the society disease-free and are the first to come in contact with any disease even though they are not suffering with it. Many times the patient is suffering with such a disease that no one dares to come in tough with him, but the doctors never do that.

The celebration emphases the values and respect of doctors in our society. India has shown a lot of improvement and advancement in the medical field with the help of the doctors only.

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