Why and When Experienced People Ignore their Work?

I have many years of experience in the web industry, and I don’t shy talking about those who have come across my path in my work life. Many of them have remained in my good books forever, while others have taught me by their misbehaviour and careless attitude.

Many people who have good degrees and years of experience consider themselves professionals but in reality, they are totally zero. Why I am saying zero because in spite of having degrees and experience they do not try to enhance their skills and performance. These kinds of so-called professionals remain in the same profile and domain even after having many years of working experience.

In the end, they blame their employers that in spite of working late and extra hours they are not getting enough recognition and encouragement from the employers. They do work slowly and spend more time in office gossiping and politics. Most of their time starts spending by revolving around the office’s coffee machines and pantry areas. Small breaks after every hour become hours and they try to compensate those with the late staying. In the whole they are not doing extra work after office hours, in fact, they are compensating with the hours they have wasted during the daytime. I am not saying that everyone who is doing late stretch is the same but most of them are.

Everyone wants to be getting financially settled down and for this, a good job is the best way to start with. But an employer also wants or can say has the right to get more than what he has expected from an employee as after all it is his business and he is there in the market to compete with others. There are many people who start taking their jobs casually after getting it in the course of time and stop giving their 100% performance.

Many of you would be thinking that what is wrong in this if happens. After all, we have worked hard and put our extra hours in the office then family. But dear, to correct you here no company wants such an employee who gives importance to extra hours then the quality. No company wants their employees to sit late or sacrifice their family life if they are good at their work and as long as they are honest and loyal towards the company. What is loyalty and how to prove it? Loyalty is not sitting late in the office or saying yes to your boss always even if he is wrong. Loyalty is to deliver your work with full quality and enthusiasm with no complaints from the clients.

In the end, I can only suggest being loyal to your organization and employer. The day you start feeling that you are lacking the kind of enthusiasm that you had brought with you during the joining time then please start thinking again. Never consider yourself experienced and boast about your capabilities. Always consider yourself fresher an inexperienced as this is the way you can learn anytime otherwise your ego can come between you and learning. Despite having a good experience, I consider myself inexperienced and feel happy in the company of inexperienced and fresher people as these people have more thirst for learning than those who consider themselves experienced but do nothing more than chatting in the offices.

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