Factors that Affect Your Garage Door Service Cost

If you have installed a garage door as per your requirements, preferences and budget; its regular upkeep and maintenance are going to prolong its life and retain its durability and performance. Without regular garage door service, it may develop issues like rust that may damage your asset in the long run. Since it is a moving item, its nuts and bolts may loosen overuse, which needs to be tightened from time to time. Otherwise, they will come off and create havoc. So, if you are wondering how much your door’s service may cost, we are going to highlight a few of the pointers here.

Factors that will impact the cost of Garage Door Service:

Size of the Door

The most important factor that can have an impact on the amount you have to pay for your garage door service is the door size. Doors for a one-car garage are obviously cheaper to service than a door for a two-car garage, simply because it is smaller and has a low material area. Doors built-in standard size are also cheaper to service than specialty size door because they are special doors built-in unique shapes that are harder to reach than regular garage doors.

Construction of the Door

The construction of the door is yet another important factor that is going to impact the pricing. Even if two doors are of the same size, their construction may make a difference in their garage door service cost. The cost would be cheaper if you have a single-panelled, plain steel door, but the prices may go high if you have added features in your door, such as thicker steel, insulation, windows, etc. Servicing of steel doors is cheaper than wooden doors, and the prices may also depend on the materials used for the door’s construction. For instance, servicing of solid wood garage doors is costlier than that of press wood doors.

Architectural Design of the Door

If your garage door has architectural elements, its service will definitely cost more. If your door is a factory bought one with windows, trim options and panels, then the cost may not increase too much. But if you get it customised from a specialist with additional embellishments like wood trim, custom hardware, windows, etc., then servicing them would be more labour intensive, and you will end up paying more every time you get it serviced.

Type of Opener

Another factor that may affect the cost of your garage door service is what type of opener it has. A roll-up garage door is different from a swing-open garage door in carriage style, due to which their service costs may also vary. Both doors have different types of door openers and different service needs. The four different types of openers you can have in your roll-up garage door may be anyone from belt drive, direct drive, chain drive, and screw drive. All of them have varying maintenance needs, based on which your service costs may increase or decrease. Direct drive opener is the quietest and most advanced, due to which its service may be the most expensive.

Service Costs

Finally, the cost of your service provider matters a lot. The more experienced, reputed and branded your service provider is, the more you will have to pay them. Local amateur service providers cost less, but they may not be able to deliver the type of garage door service your asset deserves. So, consider the quality of work of your service providers, and never compromise on it to save a few bucks. However, compare the different service providers in the market and choose the one that offers the best quality service within reasonable rates.

Concluding thoughts- So, now you know what factors may influence the cost of your garage door service. If you are low on budget, install a simple door that is easier to maintain also later. If you manage to buy a high-end garage door for now, you may end up paying hefty amounts for its service and maintenance too. So, choose your garage door wisely and hire a service provider who can provide quality service at the best price.

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