How to Save Phone from Water?

Mobile phones, especially smart phones carry very delicate parts and glass screen. And, when accidentally water falls on them they start behaving awkwardly and go out of control.

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Accidents can happen any time and if by chance your mobile phone has also got damaged by water, do not panic and follow the following steps to avoid any further possible damage.



Tips to Save your Phone from Water Damage

  • Turn your mobile off as soon as possible, as a first call of action.
  • Remove covering or any casing your phone has and also SIM, microsd cards etc.
  • Remove the battery from the phone to prevent any damage to it due to water.
  • Try to clean and dry your phone with a toilet paper or any paper towel. Do no shake it to avoid spreading the liquid around. Just try to dry and soak as much as possible.
  • Use isopropyl Alcohol to clean up the water. Many people soak their phone inside a bag full of uncooked rice as later absorbs liquid in a better way. But if any wet part left there then that could cause corrosion of inner parts slowly, so its good to use alcohol for the drying.
  • One can find phone drying pinches which are available in market specially designed for such purposes only.
  • Do no switch on your phone immediately after drying up, take a time of one or two full days to let it dry.
  • Check your sim card in some other device if it still works.
  • If after few days of drying up phone also it does not switch on, then the chances are there that the battery has got damaged. You can check your battery on someone else’s device of the same kind also.
  • If your phone has started and is working fine, then also keep an eye on its functioning in next few more days for any extra ordinary behaviour.

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