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December 25, 2018
Time: 11:10

Today is Christmas and I was planning to do some sort of experiments on a social media platform that can help to raise the traffic (this is what others say). I chose Reddit to do some experiments and know how it works.

This is not the first time that I am going to use for the first time, but yes I have not been able to know how it works and why after so many years of its usage I could not get much karma points on it.

So, just to understand how it works and how we earn Karma points point it which are very important, I log in with my credentials. I already have an account with in so just logged in it.

Therefore, this is the screen that I have to see when logged in Reddit with my credentials.

Social Marketing w ith Reddit

Now I enter keyword ‘blogging’ in the search box to look for the communities related to it. I am searching communities as I read somewhere that the key to success on Reddit is to become active in a relative community, and as I am interested in blogging so looking for a community based on blogging.

I selected the first community, “r/Blogging” and got the following screen:

Digital Marketing with Reddit

You will find many links over here,  so I select the second one that says “Attention Bloggers! Ask you’re …” I click on it and land on the next screen where I found there are many comments. These comments include suggestions and questions by people like me. I selected and answered a few of them which I found useful and relevant to my blog

I logged out and worked some other random tasks at home. Its Christmas so made some good breakfast for the kids and enjoyed music.

Time: 13:10

It’s 13:10 now and after 2 hours I rechecked my Reddit account, and found I  have got 2 more Karmas, below is the screenshot for that.

Digital Marketing with Reddit

Similarly, now I am searching for other communities related to the already published posts we have on our website I subscribed to r/dental school which has an option for “Subscribe” and “Create Post”.


I will try more and see what it happens after I reach 10 karmas.

I will keep on updating adding to this post with the advancement and progress on my account on

December 29, 2018

Today, I checked my reddit account and found total karmas are 10.   Great.



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