Top Gift Picks For Gamers-Perfect Gifts For Gaming Geeks

It’s hard to say that you’re getting the most out of your games if you don’t have the right equipment.
Yes, you heard us right.

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A gaming mouse, a gaming keyboard, a controller-it’s just a piece of plastic if you don’t commit to assembling an entire gaming station. Of course, with a little bit of shopping around, you can get yourself all of the gaming equipment that you’re going to need to take your hobby to the next level. But not all of us can keep up to par on the hottest hardware, accessories or peripherals.
So here’s a mini-guide to some of best gift-choices for the gaming geeks in your life:


If you have plenty to spend, why not upgrade your man to the very latest console, or encourage him to diversify a little by getting him one he doesn’t already have? The heavyweights in console gaming are of course the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, and top end versions of these with all the latest enhancements and plenty of memory to store the data from all those long hours of gaming can be a pricey but very welcome present for any games fan.

A USB gamepad (i.e. controller) for the computer

Some computer gamers prefer to use a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard keyboard for first-person shooters, but other genres typically call for a decent, console-style controller. With developers skewing their efforts towards console gaming, many games are simply meant to be played with a controller. Of course, if you’re willing to buy yourself a decent gaming pad for the computer, then you won’t have to worry about playing with inferior controls. They’re available in both wired and wireless formats, and they typically cost around sixty dollars. Serious gamers prefer controllers for third person action games, console-style role-playing games, and racing games.

external, USB capture card

An external, USB capture card

Many gamers enjoy capturing videos of their exploits and sharing them on the Internet, which is precisely what capture cards are for. Typically speaking, gaming consoles are hooked up to capture cards via standard audio-video cables, although high-definition component cables and HDMI cables are compatible with the more expensive capture set-ups. Coupled with video-capturing software, these USB devices make it easy for gamers to create tutorials, video montages, and audio commentaries. These devices are the perfect gift for gamers seeking professional work in video production, games journalism, and strategy guide creation.


Plenty of accessories are available for console and PC gaming, including joystick style controllers for PC gamers, headsets to allow you to communicate with other players in online games, and for the Wii, all sorts of controller adapters that can turn your Wii controller into anything from a steering wheel to a golf club. You can also get professional headphones, which block out or mask all external sound, which not only will allow them to get even more absorbed in the gameplay but will allow everybody else to get some peace while they do! Another option is some of the specially designed gaming chairs. These are made not only to provide comfort during those long sessions of fighting, driving or shooting but also have built-in surround speakers and in some case a vibration effect that responds to the game.

Gaming Mouse

A Mouse is a compulsion for computer gamers. Prefer optical wireless gaming mouse, as it gives an edge over gamers, who do not use them. The Mouse that plugs via USB is preferable. Wireless mouse increases your gaming performance


Headsets improve your gaming experience as they allow you to make use of the sound technology. There are many headsets produced by different companies and come with different features and at different prices.


When buying these accessories you should always go for quality. You should also ensure that the headsets are as comfortable as possible. Here you need to ensure that the headset has plush ear pads and cushioned headband. You should also ensure that the accessory gives out high-quality sound that is comfortable to your ears.

LED computer monitors

LED monitors are known for producing rich, life-like colors and fast response times-ideal features for any gamer. “Next generation” games, tend to look considerably better on these displays which make use of high-definition textures and lighting effects. LED displays are not backlit; instead, the light only the pixels that are in active use at any given moment, which produces much richer shades of black. Of course, it also cuts down on the amount of power that the display requires.

Racing wheel

If you are a racing fan, you should most definitely have a racing wheel. When buying the wheel you should ensure that’s durable and comfortable to use. You should also ensure that it can spin at different angles.
It’s also recommended that you go for wheels with automatic transmissions, gas, clutch, and brake pedals. The wheel should also be compatible with a number of PCs and gaming consoles.
To be assured of the wheel’s durability, you should always go for wheels made with stainless steel and leather.

Mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards aid in alleviating fatigue that comes as a result of excessive use of rubber domed keys. The good side with these keyboards is that you don’t have to press hard or push the keys all the way down.

Mechanical Keyboard

The gaming keyboards also come with switches that have a wide range of applications.
These are just a few accessories that any serious gamer should have. When buying the accessories you should always ensure that you buy them from reputable stores that won’t rip you off.

High-End Speakers

High-end speakers with subwoofer system will give you a good gaming effect. Go for quality speakers that match your gaming needs. Of course, the difference between normal speakers and high-performance speakers is non-measurable. Quality speakers give you the real feel of the gaming environment.


So those are a few gifts that you could gift the gamer of your life to get you started. You actually have it quite easy. You have a huge pool of potential gifts, and you can even find them consolidated in one place.

One last thing…tell your gamer that your present is to celebrate. They’ll get a kick out of that!

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