Know Everything about Breast Cancer and Cure

Woman is a creator who gives a new life by keeping a baby in her womb for nine months and then nurture and care the life when it comes in the world. This is why a woman is an epitome of love and sympathy. She is a fighter also who does anything to keep her baby safe in her womb.


The life of a woman is always a challenging one which becomes more complex after having baby.

In today’s fast pace life due to more competition and for career growth many women do not wish to marry or getting pregnant. Career could be a most vital reason behind this but still many other factors are also responsible. Sometimes a woman is not able to conceive due to some biological problem.

Many women marry on time but do not want to conceive or do not breastfeed their newly born child. This could be very harmful as not breastfeeding is a vital reason behind breast cancer.

But this does not mean that women who breast-feed and marry at right age can not get the cancer.

Thousands of women are dying everyday in the world due to breast cancer. So it is very important to know about this dreadful disease and the various possibilities it has for removal.

Why Pink Ribbon is used in Breast Cancer Awareness?

Pink ribbons are used to create awareness against breast cancer were distributed in 1991 for the first time in Konen New York City Race among the participant. The race involved the participants and the cancer survivors as well. Pink ribbon is now commonly used to create awareness by most of the campaigns against breast cancer.

Pink ribbon does not carry any copyright and anyone can use it. It was used by Susan G. Komen foundation first time in 1990 and still being used by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation on large scale.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The world celebrates October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thousands of NGOs and other organisations carry campaigns to create awareness against breast importance and how it can be avoided.

20 October is celebrated as National Mammography Day

What is Cancer?

Human body is made up of many cells that multiple and grow in numbers time to time. These cells also damage in the process and help in keeping our body healthy and fit. But many times, these cells keep on multiplying and growing in number uncontrollably that can result into cancer. Cancer is also termed as  “Oncology” in medical language and is a tumour in itself. Tumour is of two type-Benign Tumour and Malignant Tumour.

Cancer can happen to any part of the body and spread easily to other parts very fast. It becomes difficult to cure when enter the nodes and need chemeotherapy or radiotherapy for cure. A cancer has full chances of coming back again in the future. There are many types of cancer depending upon the major part it affected like, lung cancer, throat cancer, uterus cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer etc.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer can happen to both-male and females, but it is more common in females. In a survey it is found that women are more prone to this after the age of 35 years, and around 25% of them die in the  absence of any treatment.

Few of the Causes of Breast Cancer are:

  • Early start of Menstrual cycles
  • Abortion
  • Delay in marriage
  • Becoming mother in bigger age
  • Taking birth control pills
  • Not breast-feeding baby
  • Excessive growth of Estrogen hormone

Can we Prevent Breast Cancer?

Cancer is difficult to cure after it reaches to advanced stage. But we can take care of few things to prevent to prevent Breast Cancer:

  • Immediately run to a doctor if you have any lump in your breast.
  • If you feel any pain in your lumps of breast or feel any change in their shapes.
  • If you see any mark on the place of swelling and bleeding of any type from breast then immediately show it to a doctor.
  • Feel very hard on touching the lump, but does not pain
  • If you are above 30 years, then it is good to do routine check-up for breast cancer.

What are the stages in Breast Cancer?

A breast cancer has four stages. It is very rare to diagnose the disease in first stage only, and if it happens for some good luck then the chances of its treatment are good. But as the stage advances the changes of its cure minimizes.

It is said that this disease is curable in first and second stage, and fourth stage also has around 50-50 percent chances of cure sometimes.

  • First Stage: In first stage, the size of tumor is smaller than 2 cm and is not even visible from any part of the body.
  • Second stage: The size of the tumor grows to 2-5 cm in second stage and reaches to color less liquid gland on the sides but is still not visible.
  • Third stage: In this stage, the size increases to five cm and reaches to the skin and muscles of the body but does not reach to the side glands.
  • Fourth Stage: This is the most dangerous stage of breast cancer; the tumor size can increase to any size. In this stage along with glands liver and lungs are also affected.

Role of an Oncologist in Breast Cancer?

The doctor who treats cancer is called an Oncologist. On the confirmation of breast cancer in reports, the surgery is done on the painful area. This is the only cure left and should be carried out as early as possible. Along with surgery, various tests are carried out to know how much it has spread to other parts of the body.

Clinical stage can give wrong conclusion of the extension but the surgical stage clears all the condition as the piece from surgery is sent for further biopsy testing to check out its effects on other body parts.

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