What is Nipah Infection and its Symptoms and Cure?


Nipah virus infection directly hits the brain and cause its swelling. It is a very dangerous and can easily kill a person in few days only. Nipah derived its name from one of the village in Malaysia and is believed that the first person who succumbed to the diseases belonged to this village.

In many parts of the world, the virus has shown its impact by killing people. In India also, a recent case of death of a nurse from Kerala came into highlights. Lini Puthussery who was a 28-year-old nurse in Kerala died due to this virus leaving behind her two sons, five and two years old. Many are infected and admitted in hospitals due to Nipah.

The virus is very dreadful and is very difficult to control once someone got infection. We are trying to create awareness through this post to know what is Nipah, its symptoms and cure.

What is Nipah Virus?

As said above Nipah virus is an infectious disease that first originated in Malaysia in the village “Nipah“. Though it was first found in pigs, dogs, cats goats, horses and sheep but later saw that could be easily spread to human beings also. There is no vaccination available for the cure of human or animals from Nipah virus. The only cure is to get the patient admitted in intensive care unit.

Signs and symptoms of Nipah virus

Since it is a viral infection, so Nipah virus is an airborned transmission infection. It directly affects those who come in contact with the infected person. As per the experts, the virus causes the inflammation of the brain resulting into fever, resulting into confusion and disorientation of the mind and sometimes drowsiness. A person is left with blurriness and least power of thinking and in worst condition can also go into the state of coma !!!

Therefore, it is advisable always to check with the medical practitioner if you find common signs and symptoms like nausea, drowsiness, fever, confusion etc.

Prevention from Nipah infection

Nipah infection is not easy to cure as there is no vaccination available for this so far and people also ignore the initials symptoms. So, it is good to take preventive measures to avoid the infection. Few steps that we can take to prevent Nipah infection are:

  1. Prevent farm animals from eating fruit contaminated by bats. Fruit bats are considered to be the natural host of the Nipah virus, so farmers should prevent their animals from eating fruit contaminated by bats.
  2. Wash hands frequently to prevent the virus enter your body.
  3. People nearby Nipah infected patients should use gloves, cap masks etc. to cover their body.
  4. Avoid drinking date palm as it could be bitten by a bat which is considered to be the prime cause of Nipah infection.
  5. Do not delay to seek medical help when see the signs and symptoms of Nipah infection in your body.

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