When a Real Life Couple Tries to Become “YEVADU”

real life yevadu

It has become very common that loving couples elope with each other from their home or go against to their parents to get them married. There have been many instances of lovers following Bollywood movies to woo each others or convincing their parents.

There is a huge impact of movies in society. The latest example came from a real life lovers which has left everyone surprised. The married wife tried to change the face of her lover with plastic surgery to match with her husband.

This is not a rumour or a story. The real incident happened in Telangana state when a married woman killed her husband. She pour acid on the face of her lover and tried to get his plastic surgery to make his face exact to that of her late husband.

The woman got the idea of this drama after watching telegu movie “Yevadu”. She belonged to Nagarkurnul district of Telangana and her name is Swati Reddy. The name of her deceased husband was Sudhakar Reddy. Swati and her lover, Rajesh burnt the dead body of Sudhakar in a forest.

Rajesh got admitted in a hospital and Swati informed her in-laws that her husband has met with an accident. The family visited to them in hospital thinking that the patient on the bed is their son. The surgery was over and Rajesh face perfectly got replaced with the face of the husband of Swati. But the family had a doubt on the behaviour of Rajesh, and so informed police about the incident. Police took the finger prints of Rajesh and got it verified with the “Aadhaar” details. The fingerprints do not match and this way the truth was revealed.

After further investigation, it was disclosed that the lovers had murdered Sudhakar on 26 November, 2017 and now both are under custody.

This has made us to think again the direction in which the society is going to. Is just loving someone so important that you kill someone. When you hate someone and plans to kill him then how can you live with another person bearing same face mask. Swati could not live with her husband when he was alive so she killed her but how could she ever think of living with another person having same face to that of her late husband. Now she and her lover are under custody but the god has already given her punishment. As, Sudhakar is not more but his face on Rajesh would always remind Swati of her crime and would not let her sleep in peace.

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