Who takes the Credit of 100% Work You Do in Office?


Have you every wondered, why people feel dissatisfied with their jobs or what happens after when someone works hard and does not get his 100% in return.

What do you think of a person who often involves in a negative talk, back biting and poking into people’s affair? What do you call him and what picture do you take in your mind for him?

People of all kinds are found everywhere, like we find darkness and light, good and bad or god and evil. Same way negative and positive people are also found everywhere, be it in a family, in any relationship or in office. If in family, then things could be understood as it’s a compulsion to stay with him, as we always hope that with time he will improve.

But what happens, if such person is working with an organization, where he is not only responsible for his own growth but for the company’s business also and we have to interact with him on daily basis.

When ever, I have come across those people who find more interest in others task prior to theirs, then it also always proved very hard for me to convince myself, that this is the way, they are and I should not be affected.

When it becomes my habit to ignore such people and their habit to disturb everyone, then I think to some extent may be not much, but at least to a little extent, the work is affected. And, we become a part of this vivacious cycle where the other is going on a negative way and we are trying to stick to our positive side. But later or sooner, this starts creating negative vibes in your mind, and in eventually, we also start thinking like them.

In such scenarios, I think the relationships start hindering, be it with such people, company, family or anyone else. Because, psychological we start thinking that, our hard work is not worth recognition and those who are doing nothing are getting everything. A feeling of discouragement or satisfaction start budding inside us and we also start gossiping and talking negative in the office. The atmosphere in the office starts getting more uncomfortable and uneasy.

There is a loss faith, trust, and increase in dependency, delays in deadlines, poor quality of work and non-fulfillment of the dreams.

If this is also happening with you right now or any one is facing, then mind you, this is going to cause you a blunder in your life. This is all not that for what we have come out of our house and for which we have spent so many useful years of life in schools or colleges. We should change our perspective and the way of thinking.

I think the only solution to this is, change yourself or if cannot change yourself then also change yourself to not to change yourself. Remain unaffected and always believe in your dreams and skills as these cannot be taken away by any third person. This is not the end in-fact, it is always a new journey in every place. Do your work honestly and try to give your 100% and move always.

As we know, we can transfer energy from one form to other but the total energy stay same in nature in some or other form, similarly if you give 100% then, may be you are getting 90% in return right now, but the remaining 10% will always be there with you in the form of your experience, skills, relations, patience and other good factors that you have added to your personality by ignoring aforesaid negative people.

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