Why 19 November Celebrated as International Men’s Day

Have you ever thought how your life would be if there is no man on earth? You might relate this with the title of a movie “No Man’s Land”. Jokes apart, like a woman is essential for the survival of humankind, a man’s presence can also not be ignored.

Every year 19 November is celebrated as International Men’s Day. The day marks the importance of men’s in our lives.

A man plays a very important role in the life of every individual; be it in the form of a father, brother, friend or any other role. It is very strange that a woman often sympathy while a man just cannot show his tears even. He is seen as a stone who has no right to melt.

It was on 7 February 1992 when the project of International Men’s Day was conceived. Later Jerome Teelucksingh, revived the event in the honour of his father. He chose 19 November, which was his father’s birthday to celebrate as International Men’s Day.

19 November was also chosen as the day as on the same day in 1989, Trinidad and Tobago’s football team had united the country with their endeavours to qualify for the World Cup.

Why International Men’s Day?

We can never think of a life without man and woman on earth. But still people who are gender based or are more biased towards one gender, we would like to mention few reasons behind the celebrations of International Men’s Day.

1. It marks the importance of men’s in different roles
2. It highlights the issues faced by men in society
3. It also promotes the gender equality
4. Improve the image of men in our society which is normally shown as negative many times

Who says a Man Can’t cry?

People often thing a man cannot cry or show tears. But this is not true and should not be seen as a rule. The famous Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also marked in his interview in the recent interview that a man should show his tears whenever he feels like to do so. Never hide your tears, and vent out your emotions whenever the situation demands.

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