3 Reasons to Clean your Coffee Machine in Best way

Coffee machine comes in different sizes and designs. Many people are in the habit of using a coffee making machine, but do not give important to its cleaning.

A coffee machine also gives indications when it needs cleaning and little maintenance.

For example, when your coffee starts tasting bitter and the quality degrades and funky, the time has come to clean it properly.

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The bacteria’s and the dust can easily enter your stomach and will take no less time in making it upset.

If cleaning is done regularly, it will remove any hard deposits from the machine, may it be oils,
calcium deposit or filtered water around the machine.

And, trust us cleaning a machine is a very simple task and does not require anything which is not in your kitchen.

So whatever be the excuse, be it your laziness or belief (not cleaning a coffee machine will result in making more tasty cup of coffee) would be, please stop this habit.

3 Reasons to Clean your Coffee Machine Regularly 

  1. People believe that if they do not clean the machine and carry on adding new flavors on top of old ones, the coffee will be tastier. This does nothing good to you and in fact causes half’s only in return. If you clean your coffee cup on a regular basis, believe us the coffee you brew would be easier and tasty at the same time.
  2. Anything is left uncleaned or unwashed gives invitation to bacteria’s and diseases. And, the same thing goes well with a coffee machine. If your coffee maker machine has a filter basket to filter the water, then traces of this always get trapped in and around the filter. And, if this water is not removed then it collects dust and germs with time, and can be dangerous with time.
  3. If you are using filtered both, then the chances of salts are less but if you are using Tap water, then the salt will be always there. These salts get accumulated in the coffee maker when you boil water to make coffee. This hard water might not be harmful for your stomach or health but could reduce the efficiently and working capacity of your coffee maker. So, please clean the calcium deposits of hard water being used in coffee maker.

Steps to Clean your Coffee Machine

Although a coffee machine comes with all the instructions of handling and cleaning it but few basic steps that could be followed are below. But it is always advisable to read the manual first that comes with your product when you have purchased it.

  1. Dissemble removable parts of your coffee machine, be a brew basket, filter basket, pot, lid or any other removable parts.
  2. Once you remove all the removable parts, put them in warm soapy water solution. Use a dish rag and clean them gently like you do to your normal dishes. Take care of glass parts that could be broken if not handled gently.
  3. One the washing is then, gently wipe them to remove any water and let them dry. There should not be any oil or coffee beans left in the parts.
  4. Once the cleaning and drying of removable parts is done, reassemble them and put back to their original position.


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