Work From Home Should be Forceful

Work from home should not be a choice but by force. The time has come that people in cities like India start applying for the scheme. And, if they don’t do the same, the company should forcefully ask them to do so.

work from home

In busy cities like Delhi which is surrounded by Gurgaon and Noida, the population commuting to the capital for work and education has increased in numbers three-fourths time in just few years.

The traffic that we normally face has created a nightmare into many’s lives.

Like others I also do up-down daily to reach my office which is around 50kms from my home,  and in the evening also do cover the same distance or more than that. In the morning it takes around 1 hour to reach office but in evening it takes more than two hours to reach home.

The slowly moving vehicles due to metro, highway and fly over construction work makes the huge lines of vehicles on road. The speed of moving vehicles is so slow that an ant can give a tough fight to them.

I feel that companies should forcefully make work from home policy for their employees. And, if not possible full week then at least 3 days they should do this. At least those who have laptops should do this. This will cut the number of vehicles on road and improve air pollution too.

The pollution level in the cities has reached to an alarming level angle getting worse day by day.

We are mentioning below few of the benefits for company and employee both from Work from Home policy. Feel free to add in the comment box if you have any more points to add to the list.

11 Benefits of Work from Home

  1. Employees have the flexibility of choosing work hours
  2. Time wasted in commutation would be reduced
  3. Reduce hassle in the morning hours
  4. More time with family
  5. Employees can sense more feeling of responsibility
  6. less office power use
  7. less traffic on the road. Ambulances, school buses and other important services would be on time due to less traffic
  8. Less pollution due to less traffic
  9. less gossiping and time pass by the employees
  10. Due to low pollution, air quality will improve, thereby, relieving patients suffering with asthma and other diseases.
  11. More roads are constructed day-to-day to meet traffic must. This leads to cutting of more trees on the road side. Less traffic will save more trees.

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