Workshops That Will Help Develop Your Business

Current world conditions mean that the only thing we can rely on is uncertainty. Businesses and the people who lead them must stay flexible in order to maintain good communication and flexible work environments. Additionally, now is the time to help engage workers with tailored training to help them work from anywhere.

Workshops That Will Help Develop Your Business

How to Build Buy-In

One of the challenges with moving people from in-house work to home office may be the risk of losing engagement. The loss of connection can lead people to move away from expressing opinions or views on crucial happenings in your business and your profession. To improve communication and promote buy-in, you may need to consider boosting alternative methods of communication from home. Offer employees who tend to be a bit quieter the chance to dig deep into any topic that could boost both their communication options and their ability to share information screen to screen.

Stay Loose

Flexibility is going to be the key to business success in the future. While this has long been true, rapidly changing information on world health concerns means that activities like an agile coaching workshop, particularly for leaders who struggle with change, can be the difference between finding a way to stay in business and failing.

Increase in Technical Skills

Everyone on your leadership team needs to be able to schedule and run an online meeting, but do your support and admin staff know how to field and forward questions that come through while you present? Can you function in real-time as an expert in your field? As you increase your online presence, do your best to raise the abilities of those around you by investing in their skillsets. Paying someone to learn is a tremendous gift that quality employees will appreciate and turn back around to benefit you in the future.

Train Your Customers

If you offer a service to clients that are a bit older or less technically savvy in any way, consider offering a webinar on how to get to and participate in a webinar. Depending on your clientele, you’re going to want to do this in small groups. You may need your support staff and technical support groups to participate as well.

Benefits of such an event include

  • offering clients who are isolated access to a connection
  • finding out the quality and age of client hardware, and
  • increasing your sales options by opening up courses for clients


Computer skills are a bit like wine; until you’ve tried it, you won’t know if you like it. Offering your clients free access to a bit of information on the expertise you can offer, or direct them to, can help another business, expand your offerings, and boost human connections.

Allow Free Study

When trying to develop better employees, don’t be afraid to let them put time into a passion that improves their personal knowledge level in a direction they enjoy. For example, if your business has slowed down or workloads have been reduced for salaried employees, encourage the use of expertise sharing sites. Ask your employees to listen to a list of Ted Talks about communication, human rights, diversity, and cultural differences. Are they precisely pertinent to your business? Probably not. Is diversity critical to functioning in the world? Absolutely.

Trainee Choice

Put your employees in the driver’s seat for training. Where do they feel that they are lacking, professionally, or in life skills? Be ready for a wide variety of responses and put the suggesting person in charge of finding a video or responsive training to fill their suggested need. Consider setting up a pool of trainee choices and pulling suggestions out of a hat so everyone has the same chance of getting their selection chosen. Helping your people to grow as humans can be a group effort. You can build camaraderie and connection between team members, creating a cohesion that will help your organization to weather upcoming uncertainties.

Building a strong team of employees will increase your ability to serve your customers. With flexibility and agility, your employees can provide great products and services to existing and new clients. Investing in your people will always pay you back.

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