Youthquake is the Word of 2017 in Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary
Oxford is a collection of almost all the words spoken and used in English-speaking. Every year there is a huge competition of adding new words into it. In the race, it added a new word “youthquake” in the year 2017.

According to Oxford Dictionary the use of the word increased to 5 times in recent times and is used in almost daily activities or speech.

The word “youthquake” was first used in the 1960s by Diana Vreeland, the editor of Vogue. He used this word to describe it for sudden changes in the fashion or attitudes of the society or people.

Casper Grathwohl of Oxford Dictionaries said, “In the UK, where it rose to prominence as a descriptor of the impact of the country’s young people on its general election, calls it out as a word on the move”.

The word “youthquake” is “a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.”

On being asked how the words are selected, Casper told “We try to choose a word that reminds us about where we’ve been. Sometimes, our choice is serious, other times playful.” Casper is the president of Oxford Dictionaries.

The winds selected for a year depicts the mood or ethos of the gone 12 months. There were few other words also in the race of getting selected for Oxford Dictionary. Many people criticized the selection of youthquake saying they had never heard about this ever before. Twitter was full of such comments but who bothers as now it has already found place in the dictionary so let’s accept that.

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