5 Principles of Naturopathy or Natural Therapy

Are you tired of trying all the Allopathic treatments but not getting desired results?

You can opt for Naturopathy treatment as it is safe and effective.

holistic approach

With the side effects associated with allopathy people are looking for alternative methods of medical treatment. If you are suffering with some disease or common allergies, it could be a result of your lifestyle too. The poor eating habits and poor lifestyle make one prone to diseases as due to low immunity and resistance power of body to foreign particles.

Naturopathy is an age old technique and follows five fundamental principles.

More and more people are turning towards naturopathy: the natural and herbal method of dealing with diseases and illnesses.

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Role of Diet in Naturopathy

Naturopathy is all about balance, be it in habits or diet as diet is the medicine in Naturopathy. Diet should be rich in protein, carbohydrate and fiber.

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One should take fresh fruits, sprouts, juices, salad, boiled vegetables and green leafy vegetables only.

Junk food is not at all good from any point for a healthy body.

Diet should have food items which are fresh as possible as can and avoid stale food. Avoid over cooked and deep-fried food items. Overcooking destroys the nutrients from the food.

Try to drink at-least two glasses of warm water in the morning. You can add a lemon slice with honey if do not life the taste of plain boiled water. The water in the morning takes away toxins from the body and clean the body.

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5 Principles of Naturopathy or Natural Therapy

  • No side effects
    Many times, practitioners over treat the patient with heavy dose of medicines and other procedures  which cause side effects and the patient is left with many more complications.  But Naturopathy does not cause such conditions and ensures the safe treatment of patient and sends him disease free back to his home.
    treatment by Naturopathy
  • Naturopathy treats disease by roots not only symptoms
    There are many diseases which have common symptoms and doctors prescribe same medicines to patients in allopathy due to this. Many times medicines continue for life long without curing the disease from root. For example, in thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure medicines are prescribed and are advised to take for life long. But Naturopathy prescribes proper diet and treatment from Ayurvedic means and try to remove the cause of the disease from the body.cure by naturopathy
  • Go natural with Naturopathy
    The naturopathy treats a patient in an holistic manner and treats the whole body and mind with equal focus on nutritional needs, herbs, yoga and psychological counseling and meditation, allopathy on the other hand prescribes supplemental hormones.principles of naturopathyNaturopathy does the healing by removing the toxins and any obstacles in the body. It works by enhancing the natural capacity of body to maintain its healthAnother principle is that the food should be taken fresh which is not over-cooked. Avoid deep frying food as food should be taken in its natural taste.
  • Prevention is better than cure
    This is one of the basic principle of naturopathy i.e, to take prevention rather than cure. Because if the initial symptoms are overlooked and not taken care on time, it would become hard to cure later on. Naturopathy encourages early detection of the diseases. So, Naturopathy educates people the way of natural healing without any medicines. Naturopathy cures and educates patients about the genesis of their problems so that they can improve their lifestyle and diet to avoid the lifestyle related diseases. As most of the diseases are caused by poor lifestyle and dietary Habits.
  • Treat whole body
    Principle of Naturopathy is to heal the whole body. It not only cures just one part of body by overlooking other parts. Therefore, the naturopathy cures body completely and one lives happy and healthy after the treatment.

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