Pyria can cause brain strokes

If your gums bleed frequently after eating anything or while brushing, and are painful also then the chances are that you are suffering with pyria disease or called Pyaria sometimes.

Pyaria is one of the serious gum disease which causes blood and pus like substance coming  out of it.

The head of India’s one of the top hospitals, AIIMS – Professor Kameshwar Prasad, told that those suffering with Pyaria, have more than double chances of getting brain strokes as compared to those who are not suffering with it.

According to Prasad, if there is any blockage in blood vessels carrying blood to brain, then chances of brain strokes are more which could be life threatening. The leakage in these vessels is caused due to high blood pressure, and pyaria is one of the causes behind high blood pressure.

how to cure pyria

We generally ignore the head ache and mouth pain due to gum problems, and try to remove them with medicines like paracetamol, dispirin etc. These medicines reduce the pain for a shorter duration but do not cure permanently.

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Pyaria is an infectious oral dental disease that occurs when gum decays and you end up with bleeding of teeth, it also secretes a poisonous substance that damages the teeth, and if the condition is not controlled on time then can result in brain stroke also.

Pyaria is a teeth and gum disease that causes mouth infection and gums start bleeding, thus blood carries infection to other parts of body. According to medical experts if there is any blockage in the flow of blood to brain or is there any clot, the flow of blood to brain decreases, Pyaria is one of the reasons behind this.

A dentist can cure Pyria and repair the damaged gums, but the teeth can no be repaired beyond a certain level of repair when high levels of pyria set in.

Situation of Pyaria gets worsened in winters, as we tend to cover our body with winter clothes when go outside, due to which our body does not get sufficient air and sun rays.


  • Bleeding from gums and redness in gums while brushing teeth
  • Swelling of gums and secretion of white elements
  • Smell in breathing
  • Pain in gums followed by headaches many times


  • Avoid cigarettes, pan, guthka
  • Flush your teeth well after having meal, at least twice a day. Remember BFR -Brush, Floss and and Rinsing your teeth atleast twice a day.
  • Take Vitamin C rich food like Amla, lemon, Orange and green leafy vegetables, as Vitamin C plays as a defensive system in our body.
  • Take calcium and Vitamin D rich diet as they both help in the building of healthy bones and teeth. It is very important to drink milk daily as this is the best source of calcium.
  • Take sunlight and sit under the sun sometimes.


  • Drinking juice of carrots and green vegetables like spinach
  • Mix few drops of mustard oil with little salt and apply to the affected area after cleaning your teeth
  • You can mix castor oil with honey and few drops of lemon and apply on the affected area, it works wonders
  • Never forget to visit your dentist ASAP as the problem can result into more complications if not diagnose on time.

Consult your dentist immediately if you develop symptoms of Pyaria, he would clean the affected tooth and take appropriate measures. In the event of World Oral Health Day, the expert of AIIMS, told that approximately 16 lakhs people die as a result of stroke, and Pyaria is one of the reasons behind this.

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Oral Dental health is very important for overall body health. If gum diseases like, pyaria, tooth decay not cured on time then cause strokes and other health diseases.

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