What are the different types of milk


We have heard a lot that milk is good for kids, adults, sick people, lactating mothers and many others, but often get confused with the type of milk one should go for .

The market is flooded with skimmed, low fat, high fat, flavoured, toned, doubled toned milk. The milk stores have mainly four types of milk stored: low-fat milk(1%), fat-free milk, whole milk and low-fat milk(2%).  With the availability of so many brands, one get confused while buying milk.

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Check your Requirements

Before selecting the type of milk, one has to check the requirements like:

  • Do you like creamy milk but cannot have due to weight problem? Then low-fat skimy milk is a good choice.
  • Do you have lactose-intolerance trouble and feel bloated when drink milk? Then use a lactose-free milk.
  • Do you have heart problem and hypertension too? Then fat free milk is suitable
  • You are looking milk for your infant and growing kids? Goat or cow milk can serve the best

Let’s find out what nutritionists have to say about this favorite healthy drink, “Milk”.

    Cow has a special place in hindu religion, and there is a special mentioning of “Kamdhenu” cow in the vedas also. Cow is worshiped by hindus and its milk has special importance in daily rituals.Cow’s milk is sweet in taste and is a rich source of minerals and vitamins that is needed for good bones health. It is considered best for babies and growing kids as is very light and easy to digest. Cow’s milk is low in fat and aids in weight loss, and has high contents of Omega-3 fats. Omega-3 is essential for the good health of heart.

    Disadvantage of Cow milk
    One can experience bloating, nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramping with Cow’s milk consumption.

    Goat milk is very low in fat content and high fatty acids.People suffering with sensitive stomach and if have bowel inflammation due to lactose intolerance, should use Goat milk. If someone is suffering with Dengue, goat milk helps in increasing the platelet counts in the body. Therefore, goat milk can strengthen bones and increase immunity at the same time.


    Sometimes giving goat milk to kids can cause intestinal irritation and anaemia in kids.
    Buffalo milk is a very good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and anti-bodies. The milk offers a thick layer of cream when boiled which can be used in making various stuff like ghee, pudding, kheer etc.

    Even though it is a rich source of calcium and other nutrients but buffalo milk contains lot of calories which may lead to obesity. Sometimes, it can cause blood pressure problem owing to its high fat content.

    It is not advisable to drink this milk as it has high calories and preservatives added to it. It is used in making chocolates, cakes and other sweets like Gulab jamun.


    High amount of calories and addition of preservatives can be harmful for the health in a long run.
    Soy milk is a rich source of protein and those having lactose intolerance can use this milk. Soy milk also contains iron, calcium and can help in making bones strong and dense.

    Soy milk contains estrogens which is not safe for breast cancer patients, and also the shelf – life of soy milk is lesser than regular milk.

    Thick and creamy full cream milk is good for growing children as it is rich in fat content and anti-bodies. This is also a good source of Vitamin B12 and so good for heart health. Full cream milk gives very good taste if used in making kheer, pudding, ice-creams, cakes and other desserts.

    Full cream milk is high in calories, therefore, it can block arteries and cause heart attack. Also, full cream milk can cause increase in weight if not followed by exercising.

    This milk contains low fat content and is good for those who want to loose weight and are fitness freak. It does not cause any boating or indigestion that a regular milk does. Skimmed milk is good for heart patients and does not make one fat as is low in calories.

    Skimmed milk is not recommended for kids and babies owing to its low fat and lack in anti-bodies.

    This is the best type of milk and is rich in omega fatty acids and water soluble Vitamins like, A, D, E and K. Double toned milk is good for those who are diabetic and have thyroid disorders. It can help in weight reduction as it is very low in calorie unlike other type of milk.

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