Milk – Best food for Complete Health and Beautiful Skin

health benefits of drinking milkI still remember my funny faces that I would make in my childhood, on seeing my mother bringing a glass of milk to me.  I realize it now how difficult it would have been for my mom to handle my tantrums (my kids do it now with me….that is why there is an old saying that as you sow so will you reap :).

But those were the childhood days. Now the time has changed and I have known the health benefits of milk for complete health, and also that it is good for our skin skin.

People under any age-category can have this wonderful food item. But old aged, lactating mothers, pregnant ladies, and growing kids should include at-least a glass of milk daily in their diet.

Milk is a rich source of calcium, and helps in curing many bones related disorders. One common disease that happens as a result of calcium deficiency in kids is Rickets, while in adults it is Osteoporosis.  As a result of Rickets, the limbs of children get deformed and they become unable to move properly.

There are different types of milk available in market one can choose as per the taste and requirements.

Benefits of Milk for Health

Due to deficiency of calcium resulting into weaker bones, one gets tired easily and the chances of the breakage of bones also increase. Normally a serving of milk which is 35% sufficient enough to add in your daily life. But if the bones and teeth are week, then increase the quantity of milk consumption.

  • Milk is one of the best sources of calcium for the body.
  • Vitamin D is present in Milk which helps in the absorption of calcium.
  • Proper calcium intake contributes to strong and healthy bones.
  • Drinking milk provides other benefits also such as healthy teeth, hydration and improves vitamin intake.

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Use of Milk in Skin Care and Stomach Problems

  • Milk Cures Acidity
    Acidity causes burning sensation in stomach and results into headaches. Milk can be used to cure acidity. We should only take cold milk if suffering with acidity or peptic ulcers. Avoid hot milk as it can worsen the problem. If you have burning sensations during urination, it is advisable to drink a combination of water mixed with raw milk.
  • Milk for Skin Care
    Take a milk in a pan and bring it to a boil. The steam of boiled milk opens pore of the face skin and thus removes dust. This is the best treatment we can do at home for getting instant results.
  • Milk for Common Cold, Asthma
    Cough and Asthma are common when weather changes or due to low immunity. Milk can prove very helpful to cure cold symptoms and cure Asthma.Boil some milk with 5-6 peppers in it and allow it to cool down a little. This can cure most of the cold symptoms and also good for Asthma.
  • Milk in Breakfast
    Milk can be used in making shakes with fruits and best time to have shakes is in breakfast. Use strawberries, banana, mangoes or any other fruits of your choice to make a shake with milk. This will keep your stomach full and you active throughout the day. So start your day with a glass of milk shake and this is good for growing children also.

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How to Test the Purity of Milk?

In order to check purity of milk, you need not to go outside, as it can be done very easily at home. To carry out the test just pour few drops of milk on a slanted vessel and let it come down its own. If the milk comes without stopping then it is not pure but if it comes leaving behind the spots then it is pure.

Side Effects of Drinking Milk

  • One of the main drawbacks of milk is that it lacks iron. So an infant must be started with iron rich food while he is on milk diet.
  • Milk can cause gas, bloating, cramping like symptoms as a result of an enzyme, lactose, present in it. The cure is to take cold milk instead of hot milk.
  • Many people of allergy to the milk intake so they should avoid having it.
  • If we drop the drawback of milk then will find that otherwise milk is a good drink for body. The essential minerals in milk are Calcium, Phosphorous, Sodium and Potassium.

Different Types of Milk Available

The main constituent of milk is sugar which is present in the form of carbohydrates called Lactose.

Milk is a rich source of calcium and can be safely used by the people of all age group. Calcium is an important element needed in the proper growth of bones.  The deficiency of calcium can cause osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.  The brittleness of bones increases the chances of bone cancer in the future.


How to select which type of milk is best?

Type of milk is dependent upon the requirements and body types. For infants, Goat’s milk is said to be the best but, since goats are not found in the towns much, cow’s milk can be used.

Cow’s milk provides 67 kilo calories while buffalo milk supplies 117 kilo calories of energy per 100 ml.

The fat content in buffalo milk is double than that of cow milk. Mother Dairy, Amul Dairy and many such dairies are also in the market where we can buy milk and milk products. The configuration process is used in dairies for fat separation. There two third of fat is saturated while one-third is unsaturated. We know that without strong bones and skeletons we cannot move along.

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Milk is needed for healthy bones and teeth. This is a complete drink and should be taken by all the people of all age group, lack of this can make your bones brittle and prone to many bone diseases.

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