What are the 3 most Common Struggles of Depression Patient?

depression struggle

Depression has become a serious issue in today’s society. Not only adults but small children are also prone to this. Sometimes, it could be due to genes also and many times environmental influences are behind this problem.

A person suffering with depression or with any mental problem has to face a lot of struggles in his life. Following are the 3 struggles that normally a depressed patient goes through:

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  1. Struggle with self
    A depressed person feels less hungry, low sleep and low level of energy. This can take some time to finally acknowledge the symptoms especially if it is mental issue. The first challenge for any depressed person is to convince himself that he is suffering with depression. It is very difficult to consider ourselves a mentally weak person so it becomes very difficult sometimes to agree on terms that we are patient due to any mental or physical problem.So, the first struggle is with himself only to finally acknowledge that is something is wrong with his mental health.
  2. Struggle with family
    First of all a depressed person takes a lot of courage to convince himself that he is suffering with a problem. And, secondly when he goes to his family to discuss about his problems, many times he does not get the support.The family also tries to console him and advises to be happy and don’t be tense.And, also says there is nothing like depression in the world and you do not have any problem. They do not take the patient seriously and take him to the doctor.  In this way a patient who is approaching his family for support and help is made silent without any help.They do not understand that a few counselling sessions with a doctor can help him to emerge as a winner in his fight with depression. But this does not happen many times, and the disease goes on increasing rather than improving.Its not good to say a depressed person not to feel negative and always be happy. This is not the cure, and only exaggerate the problem as the patient also starts feeling that he does not have any issue which delays the treatment.
  3. Struggle with physician
    Sometimes a general physician is also not able to diagnose the problem and tells him he is fine. This makes him think that if a doctor is saying everything is well then there is not problem. So if a person is feeling depressed he needs to go to a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist rather than a general physician.

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