7 Best reasons to add curd as super food in your diet

Curd Benefits

Curd is made up of milk and is perhaps one of the most underrated cooling and soothing nutritious food item that we can add to our regular diet. In hot places, it can provide a great relief from the scorching heat of sun.

One can also take curt to reduce the weight also. One cup of curd normally provides 100 to 150 calories, along with some amount of sugar, protein and fat. Not only this, curd is also a good source of Vitamin D and Calcium. We know that with time the bones become weak so it is calcium that can make them running for a longer period of time. So, try to add curd to have extra calcium for stronger bones.

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10 Benefits of Curd

  1. Curd can improve immunity
    Immunity plays an important role in fighting against foreign factors that try to attack our health sometimes. Curd contains a health bacteria known as “probiotics” that can strengthen our immune system and we can enjoy our daily work in a better manner.
  2. Good source of Vitamin D and Calcium
    Curd is one of the richest source of calcium and vitamin D so its regular use can make our bones and teeth more stronger and running for a longer period without getting injured.
  3. Good for weight loss
    One important reason of weight gain is the imbalance of Cortisol in our body. Since curd is a rich source of calcium, and we know that calcium can prevent the formation of Cortisol in our body.

    Therefore, adding more curd to our daily diet can prevent obesity and hypertension. It is good to eat curd to shed off belly fat.

  4. Substitute of Milk
    Curd is a rich source of calcium like milk. So for those who face difficulty in digesting milk, can opt for curd. Curd can provide the similar results to them as provided by milk. Curd works well during lactose intolerance.
  5. Good for skin
    Curd is rich in many minerals like Vitamin E, Zinc and Phosphorous which are good for skin. You can simple add it with gram flour or any other face mask for your face to get an instant glow.
  6. Good for Scalp and hair
    Card can clean your scalp and help in hair growth. It can be used as a natural cleanser and conditioner for your healthy hair. One most important use of using curd is that it can cure dandruff also. Dandruff is a very problematic condition in which scalp becomes itchy and white flakes can fall on the clothes.

    It can even lead to skin problems also.You can apply some curd on your scalp and leave for some time, before washing it out with water. Try it out as its a great remedy and if you are tired off trying different ways of eliminating dandruff.

  7. Curd for Sexual health
    As per few scientific studies, curd can cure your sex related issues also that one can face like sexual impotence etc.

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