3 Common Skin Problems in Monsoon Rainy Season

Monsoon Skin Disorders

Who does not like the rains? It is the best blessings from nature that shower in the form of water.

The main drawback of rains is that it increases the label of humidity that promotes the growth of various types of fungal, bacterial or viral infections.

The rainy season excretes oil from skin resulting into itching and skin problems. Women normally visit a salon to get the solution of their skin problems rather than visiting a dermatologist.  Every skin is different so the treatment is also different. It is always advisable to visit a dermatologist, even if the skin problem is minor.

Summers result into excessive sweating under armpits, palms, face, scalp, torso etc. that does not dry away easily. This is called “Hyperhidrosis” and can cause smell and infections in the particular area. One can have Botox treatment also to reduce the sweating amount.

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3 Common Skin Problems and Infections in Rainy Season

    1. Skin Rashes
      When body has more moisture that does not dries easily, bacteria grows which can result into skin rashes.  These rashes can be painful and cause itching. Due to itching and skin contact, they can spread from one person to another.

      Treatment of skin rashes
      it is important to dry your skin so that it is free from any moisture. Spend most of the time in AC or coolers. Apply ice or creams like Calamine on the infected area.Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration.  Take care while using public toilets as it could be less hygienic, causing skin problems.

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    2. Fungal Infection
      The most common fungal infection is “Ringworm”.  Ringworm causes ring-shaped rounded rashes on skin. The main cause of this type of infection is sweating, soap in clothes or humidity.  Other than ringworms, acne and facial folliculitis are also the problems in rainy season.

      Treatment of fungal infection
      Use of anti-fungal creams like Clotrimazole, Grisefulvin or Terbinafine tablets can relief you from its effects. Always go for doctor’s advice before starting any treatment. The best way to avoid any infection is to keep your skin dry and free from perspiration. Use frequent and regular bath with medical soap. Keep your hair clean and dry sans any wetness.

    3. Bacterial Infection
      Bacteria growth can cause skin pimply eruption filled with pus. The main reason behind this is sweating that choke the skin pores.

      Treatment of bacterial infection
      Use anti-fungal creams like Fusidic acid, Mupirocin or Clindamycin lotion to the infected part. Replace your regular soap with anti-acne soaps like Acne-acid, Medsop etc. Avoid synthetic clothes and wear cotton stuff only.

Rainy season comes for a shorter time but is very beautiful. We should enjoy this season with good food and hot drinks with loved ones.  The only thing that this season demands is little extra efforts from you to keep your skin clean, dry and fresh.

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