Skin Care Tips During Pregnancy

During Pregnancy, a woman passes through many emotional and physical changes. She has to take care of herself and her baby she is carrying also.  During Pregnancy, the skin goes through a drastic change, like sometimes it becomes oily due to secretion of oil glands in the body and sometimes gets dried. Melasma, Varicose Veins, itching are common problems faced in

Pregnant women should not only take good care of her health, but also for her skin also. The body goes through a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy which affect the skin and hair too. So these should also be cared about.

There are few of the short tips we have come up with in the post, hope following which you can also help maintaining good health of skin.

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Common skin conditions during pregnancy

(1) Hormonal Changes in Skin: The facial skin can get loosened so to avoid that, use good Vitamin E on the face. Use oil based cream if your skin has gotten dried otherwise avoid using oil based cream if your skin is already oily. Wash your face 3-4 times at least in a day with good face wash.  As oily face develop pimples so keeping it dry and clean should be the first step in the facial care during pregnancy.

(2) Stretch Marks and Itching: During pregnancy stretch marks,  get developed on stomach, thighs, back, which reduces the beauty. This happens because of the weight gain. The itching is a common problem in this area.

To avoid this, massage your skin with good quality oil daily. Try not to scratch your skin with fingers as this can worsen the condition.  You can do this with a soft cotton cloth as this will reduce the appearance of stretch marks later on. You can apply  cream rich with Vitamin E in these areas,  but after consulting with a doctor.

(3) Acne during Pregnancy: Pregnancy can lead to more acne on your face. Don’t be panic if pregnancy brings out a spot or bumper acne, particularly around your mouth and chin areas, as these are common areas for acne during pregnancy. If you ignore them then they can last till the end of your pregnancy or even after.

To cure them, do no use any  product containing benzoyl peroxide or any other retinoids as these are not safe, instead use sulphur based products or any other Microdermabrasion treatment at home

(4) Melasma: It is very common to develop new hair growth, discoloration of skin during pregnancy. The discoloration of skin is called Melasma.  Melasma or ‘mask of pregnancy’ – is defined as a condition which is a result of hormonal imbalance in the body during pregnancy. It causes discoloration of the skin, especially on forehead, nose and the upper lip. This causes skin on areas darker looking like a tan and causes wrinkle many times and may fall off easily. The condition may affect mostly those with darker complexions.

Those suffering with Melasma should use a proper sunscreen to avoid skin damage under the sun. The marks vanish after baby delivery in most of the cases.

(5) Varicose veinsThis is a very painful condition and causes problem in movement during pregnancy. The main cause of this is,  excessive weight, which falls on legs, some pregnant women can even have ‘spider veins’ on their face and chest which normally vanish after delivery

(6) Urticaria of pregnancy: This is the name given to a medical condition where itching or rashes erupt in the third trimester of pregnancy. These can be harsh or mild and vary from person to person, but normally go away after delivery.

Few Tips for Skin Care

(1) Take Proper diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients. You can soak a few almonds in water overnight and taken them with milk in the morning. Drinking Milk is very important for strong bones and teeth of unborn babies and pregnant women.

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(2) Take proper rest as this is good for you and your baby. Try to sleep on the left side of your body as this gives more oxygen to the baby. A well rested person is healthier than sleep deprived ones. Moreover the growing weight can make a pregnant woman more tired with time, so try not to exert much.

(3) Use Sunscreen always, no matter you are at home or outside. The skin has to undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy, so a good Vitamin E rich cream is very helpful along with a good Sunscreen for your skin.

(4) Many times skin get dried due to lack of moisture. So use a good quality moisturizer. Both oil and water based moisturizers are available, so select as per your skin type.

(5) Facial and body massage with a mild fragrance oil can help you relax and improve blood circulation in that area.

(6) Drink a lot of water as these tones the skin and cleanses the skin by removing toxins from the body.

(7) Always smile and remain healthy. Enjoy your pregnancy. Smile is the best muscle exercise that you can do to your face and at no cost.

At last we want to to wish you all the best for your safe and healthy Pregnancy.

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