5 Safety Guide To Handling Power Cords

5 Safety Guide To Handling Power Cords

Excess of anything is harmful to health. Whether it is increased stress or an overload of electricity, everything comes with certain disadvantages and threats. One of the significant reasons for electric shock-related accidents is defective wires. From keeping houses well-illuminated to acting as the continuous source of entertainment, electricity does it all. Along with the benefits, it comes with certain risks. With the use of adequate precautions, you can keep the dangers at bay. To keep the usage of electric energy top-notch, you require durable power cords.

Keep reading to know the best ways of saving electricity as well as staying away from electric shocks.

Keep The Cords Away From Children


According to the United States Electrical Department, around 1000 deaths occur in the country per year due to electric shocks. Children tend to be the most curious of all the family members. Exploring every corner of the room appears to be their favorite pastime. The chances are that they might end up touching the overloaded power cords. One of the best ways to prevent accidents is the isolation of the power cords. It would help if you kept the extension at places that aren’t easily reachable to the children. Also, make sure to have a constant watch on the kids.

Another method to decrease electrical injuries is by coating the power cords with an insulating material. That way, the electricity fails to transmit and travel throughout the body. Apart from isolation, make sure to keep the cords as dry as possible. Tap water comes under the list of good conductors of electricity. In the case of wet power cords, secure transmission, as well as conduction of electricity, takes place. Not only does it increase the chances of injuries, but it also causes a higher degree of damage to the person.

Refrain From Overloading The Outlets

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is not to plug-in too many devices simultaneously to the cord. Using the outlet for multiple devices might cause an increase in the outflow of electricity. Moreover, it also makes the cord excessively heated and active. Overloading the power cord leads to the most severe accidents, like small explosions. Not only does it cause explosive injuries, but also minor electrical damages. If you’re bound to use multiple devices at once, then you require an alternative like a power strip. Plugging the devices directly to the cord leads to excessive flow of electricity and hence, an overload of the cord.

To stay away from the overload, you can make use of the power strips. These are the multi-socket extensions that provide aid in using too many devices, all at once. Not only does it provide a better transmission of electricity, but it also improves the overload issue. These are also cost-friendly and easily available in the market. Don’t wait to get yourself the power strip and charge multiple cell phones at a time.

Get Rid Of The Damaged Ones

damaged cell

Fire hazards, electric shocks, and electrical damages are common in cases of broken or damaged cords. The major reason behind the damage accounts to be old age and overuse of the cords. Furthermore, mishandling the cord is also yet another factor that promotes early damage. Refrain from jerking the pug from the socket and be a little gentle towards it. Also, keep in mind that the external sheathing of the cord is intact. That way, you can easily prevent at least half of the total electrical injuries. The Code of Federal Regulations states that every electric wire must be free from recognizable threats.


Before plugging in the devices, make sure the cords are intact. Firstly, check if the wires are sliced open or not. Further, inspect if the plug head has an intact sheath or not. In case of any discrepancy, change the cord right away for better protection against injuries. These measures ensure quick and rapid safety.

Don’t Put The Cord Near Busy Areas

Apart from the protective sheathing and limited use, it would be best if you found the right place for your power cord. Putting the cord near the living room or on the rug invites injuries and shocks. Hence, find out the area which remains free of the crowd throughout the day. Along with better durability of the cord, it also prevents fall injuries to a considerable extent. Make sure to choose the right length of the cable for secure transfer and top-notch working. The best place for the power cords is at the corner of the bedroom.

Be Attentive Even While Purchasing

insulation material

From the length of the cords to the material of insulation, you need to consider every aspect before purchasing one. Make sure to buy the cords that are legalized by an independent laboratory. Also, if you’re looking for an outdoor purpose cord, make sure to buy the cord that meets all the demands according to the place and function, the type of cord changes. Hence, be a little attentive towards these matters.


After choosing the right length and material, consider the number of prongs in the plugs. As far as the power cords are considered, the best ones are the three-prong plugs. Lastly, analyze whether you’ll be using larger appliances or smaller ones. Based on the size of devices, you can predict the amount of electrical transmission. Moreover, this helps in selecting the right diameter, whether thick or thin.

Bottom Line

Electricity is one of the most crucial parts of our day-to-day life. Its utility appears to be highly diverse. From entertainment to household activities, every other task requires electricity as the basic driving force. Along with the high demand emerges the need to be extra cautious while using the same. With the increasing number of electrical injuries, it becomes crucial to attaining the knowledge of safety regarding power cords.

Make sure not to overload the cords and prevent overheating of the wires. Also, keep the cords away from water as well as toddlers. In the end, remember that saving electricity begins with proper use of the power cords.

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