5 Unthinkable Harms of Uncontrolled Population

“Centrally planned economies are upended by out of control population. Their escape valve is eugenics.”
― A.E. Samaan

Population is important when we need to build a community. It is not homo-sapiens but flora and fauna also whose population varies day to day.

If the population is such that the available resources, there is no harm. This is normally an ideal situation as everyone gets equal share of all the resources available in the nature. By resources we mean all the artificial and man made resources like air, water, sunlight, petrol, natural gas etc.

We build a society, rights and rules for every one. Getting basic things is everyone’s fundamental right. But this is possible only when the population is within a definite range. But the poverty has increased because population has also increased.

11 July-World Population Day

In 1989, the then Governing council of the United Nations Development started observing World Population day on 11 July 1987 for the first time to raise a concern towards the increase in population.

But the question is why it all started and what all harms the increase in population throw on society. So here we are mentioning those 5 most important harms which a rise in population can case.

5 Unthinkable Harms of Uncontrolled Population

  1. Increase in population causes depletion in resources available in the nature. Natural resources are available in abundance but man made resources are limited and are in the verge of depletion.
  2. Increase in population causes increase in crime rate. As most of the people are depleted of basic fundamental rights, so they opt for robbery, stealing or murder and other crimes to meet their day-to-day needs.
  3. Increase in population causes sanitation issues. This is fact that in under development and developing countries, the rate of public washrooms is very low. People go in open for natural calls. Not only this, people spit on roads or buildings making them dirty.
  4. Increase in population causes more pollution. There are many situations in which people cause pollution like cars, busting crackers in festivals and marriages, using coal or gas for power generation etc. The more population, the more increase in pollution.
  5. Increase in population causes spacious problem. Less space is available to accommodate more people. This causes shortage of lands, residential plots, parking slots and other accommodaties.

It is utmost important to limit the population and using the available resources wisely so that they can be available for the future generation.

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