A big explosion in Kabul diplomatic area

A large explosion took place in Afghanistans’s one of the busiest shopping areas of Kabul where many diplomats of several countries reside.

The explosion happened in the central Kabul and was so strong that the windows in many kilometers away also rattled with the sound. No casualties were recorded till the news was reported initially.

But according to a national news channel of Afghanistan,  Tolo, at least 5 people have been killed so far and 40+ wounded in the blast. Many of the injured are in critical condition, so the number of people died in the blast could increase no doubt.

From first instance, its showing a sign of suicide-bomb attack in the car.

Few days back, an incident of car bomb also happened in Kabul where the car rammed foreign troops near the main airport. The incident killed at least three civilians, as per police reports.


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