We will be Stopping the War Games-Donald Trump

In a historic summit, Donald Trump-US President and Kim Jong U made agreement that is believed to provide peace and halt to the war-like situation around the world.

As per the US president Trump, “its a very comprehensive agreement that would take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world”.

The powerful leaders met and discussed in depth for five hours about the various ways to denuclearization

The way in which Kim Jong was encouraging nuclear weapons in his country, there was always a possibility of war in the world. Kim and Trump have now became the first sitting US and North Korean leaders to shake hands and deciding to put an end to any speculations of decades-old nuclear war. In return US promised to provide security to the North Korea and later has promised to work towards de-nuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

Kim had threatened the world for using nuclear bombs on US in the past. Therefore, the agreement seems to be very crucial and is seen as the need of the hour.

Donald had decided to remove his forces from South Korea too as its costing a lot and has assured North Korea to provide full protection in return.

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