Arvind Kejriwal on farmer’s death

Arvind Kejriwal admitted for the first time about the death of farmer Gajendra Singh on 24 April, that he should not have given speech and called off the rally and apologized if had had hurt people’s sentiments as told to ANI news.

He said he could not see what was happening on the tree that time and if had seen or had a little idea that would have stopped the speech or someone could have reacted and said that since the incident happened just in front of him due to which he could not sleep that night.

Arvind Kejriwal apologized

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Kejriwal tweeted further , ” I am guilty, should not have given my speech”

Chief Minister has emphasized on the inquiry and asked people to wait till the truth come out. Kejriwal said that he admitted his mistake and apologized to the public and not the focus should be made to the plight of farmers in the country and should not involve in blame game.

The two brothers of deceased Gajendra singh, Devendra and Birendra have requested Arvind Kejriwal to look into investigations of their brother’s death personally

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Image Source: ANI

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