Bada Dashain Festival Celeberations and Significance


Bada Dashain is one of the biggest festival of Nepal. It is also one of the longest celebrated festival in Nepal.  The festival begins on the first day of  Navaratri with Ghatsthapana and lasts for two weeks.

Goddess Durga is the symbol of prowess, love and strength. During the first 10 days people offer prayer and and seek blessings from the Goddess Durga.

The Bada Dashain involves different events like Ghatasthapana, Phool Pati, MahaAasthami and Vijaya Dashami. Like Phool Pati event is performed on the seventh day. Each event involves certain rituals.

How is Ghatsthapana perfomed?

Ghatsthapana is performed by sowing mazine and barley seeds(jau). It is celebrated in the month of Ashwin as per Hindu calendar. The festival lasts for 15 days and during these days people worship goddess Durga.

The harvested barley shoots which grow in these days of worship are then given to the younger members of the family along with their tika. The germinated barley shoots are the symbol of peace and prosperity. So, by offering these to the young members of the family, the elders actually bless them for happy future.

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