Best Yoga Exercise to get a Natural Glow on Face

Many anti ageing creams and products are available in market which promise to provide every youth skin promises. Many of them works but most of them do not!

One simple way to get a natural glow is to stay away from the expensive cosmetics. Simply use few yoga exercises which can instantly provide you a youthful glow. One such yoga form is “Lion Pose” or “Simhasana” in Hindi. Regularly doing this yoga form can reduce your face wrinkles and delay your skin ageing.

How to do Lion Pose?

For this sit comfortable. Either you can sit with your legs clasped or on your knees. Take a breathe and roar using full force through your neck like a loan. Your neck muscles should feel the force and try to roar as high as possible. This will stretch your facial muscles and cause it to work more efficiently. Practice 2-3 times atleast.

Benefits of Lion Pose

In Lion pose, one has to roar like a lion. It makes you to stretch your facial and neck muscles. It tightens your skin to reduce wrinkles and gives glow to it. It increases the flow of blood to the face and slows the ageing process.

This pose is good for your stamina as it relaxes your leg muscles. It can also helps your neck muscles relief. In the beginning some cough can come out, do not bother about that. With time you would see the benefits on your face and neck too.



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