Neuroendocrine-Tumors-Symptoms,Causes and Treatment

neuroendocrine tumors

A cell is the basic unit of life and our body is made up of different types of cells like Red blood cells, white blood cells etc. Similarly, there is one category of cells which is “Neuroendocrine”.

The main feature of neuroendocrine cells is that it has mixed traits of both nerve cells and hormone producing cell. That means on getting nerve signals, it can create hormones into the blood.

What is Neuroendocrine tumour?

Whenever there is any imbalance in the working on these cells, tumors can result into which can cause neuroendocrine tumour. A neuroendocrine tumor can also produce hormones like these cells do. This is rare form of tumor and is not mostly found in most of the people. But not all the neuroendocrine tumors produce the hormone and so the symptoms may vary from case to case.

There is no restriction of these tumor in our body as they can develop in any part of it. But the most common place they develop are in the digestive tract, lungs, rectum, colon, pancreases, appendix.

Like any other tumor they can also grow very fast and can be cancerous or non-cancerous. For one’s information, cancerous are called malignant and non-cancerous are also called as benign.

There cure is possible if are localised and  not spread to other parts of body but can be dangerous if spread to other parts of the body also.

Symptoms of Neuroendocrine tumor

Like any other tumor, sometimes it is difficult to see the symptoms associated with  Neuroendocrine tumors. Many times they are not even noticed at first sight.

Some of the common symptoms ares:

  1. Feeling a lump inside the skin
  2. Tiredness and pale skin
  3. Increase in pain due to growing tumor
  4. Loss in weight without any specific reason

Treatment of Neuroendocrine tumor

These tumors can or cannot produce hormones as mentioned above, so the symptoms and so the treatment may vary from one person to another. Treatment of the problem can also depend on the factor how much it has spread in the body.

Different treatment options for the cure of neuroendocrine tumor are:

  1. Removing tumor with the help of surgery or surgeries. There could be one or mulitple surgery to take out the tumor from the body.
  2. Chemotherapy can be done for killing the cells. This procedure can damage the healthy cells too as normally very strong drugs are used in chemotherapy.
  3. If tumor cells are producing a lot of hormones in excess, external medicines can be given to control the growth of excessive hormones.
  4. Radiation Therapy
  5. PRRT- Peptide Receptor Radionuclide

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