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Welcome to our this review section. Here, we are discussing about the various advantages and disadvantages of one of the best sought after web hosting services provider, ‘Bluehost‘.

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We would also discuss about the various features of this hosting services provider along with its pros and cons so that you can yourself judge before going for its services. We believe its you who has to pay the final bills so you should know about all this.

So, please go through our review based on our own preference and others feedback.

What is Bluehost Hosting Service Provider ?

Bluehost is a pioneer web hosting solutions company which you can use to place your files and data of our website. Website is a must for your online presence in today’s time as its like your online identity people use to have business terms with you. You can create and manage your online business with the help of a website. But there has to be some place where you need to deploy your code while running a website, so here comes the need of a hosting service provider. Bluehost is one such service provider.

Foundation date of Bluehost-When was Bluehost launched?

Bluehost was founded in the year 2003. It is fully committed to WordPress, and has a partnership with WordPress also. Bluehost boasts about a team of experts in WordPress. This is one of the added advantage of Blue host that its customers get never unsatisfied with WordPress support. These experts are always ready to provide solutions to its customers. It provides complete web solutions too.

Why should I go for Bluehost Hosting Provider?

  1. Security: Secured web hosting services
  2. Unlimited email: You can manage unlimited emails with Bluehost service provider along with  spam protection, secured POP3
  3. Unlimited storage: Allows large amount of data to be stored
  4. Pricing: Reasonable pricing as per the plan chosen
  5. Efficiency: High power, speed and secured services
  6. Customer support: 24/7 customer support
  7. Server Uptime: Bluehost server uptime is 99.9% which is just excellent as mostly above 90% is considered good
  8. Control panel: Easy to use control panel
  9. Backup: You have an option to take backup of all your data
  10. SSL: Provides free basic SSL certificate
  11. Bluehost Affiliate: Also offers affiliate marketing program, joining which you can do online earning just by sitting anywhere
  12. Refund: Bluehost provides your money back guarantee within 30 days of its purchase.

Cons of Bluehost Hosting Provider

  1. It provides support in English language only. So, if you are less efficient in English, you can have a little difficulty in communicating while getting support.
  2. No money is refunded after 30 days.
  3. Charge fees for site migration which is normally free in other web hosting services.
  4. Though charges are reasonable but still little higher comparatively to other hosting services.



We have given 4.5 as it provides best server uptime and best security which is much needed in today’s time. Customer can not wait for even a single second. Also there is a threat for online scams and cyber attack, Bluehost provides best security.

Why should one go for Bluehost Services?

If we see the pros and cons we would find that it has more additional features comparatively to the other hosting services. The quality of the services and the server uptime is beyond any comparison.


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