Here are a few Industrial Benefits of Strip Curtains!

Strip curtains

The main function of a door is to form a barrier between two places. In your house, the door forms an obstruction between the interior of your house and the road outside, or separates two different spaces – say your bedroom from the hallway. So, it goes without saying that doors are extremely important, and play a pivotal role in our lives. However, doors have evolved over time. Whenever we think about doors, we essentially think about a big wooden chunky solid mass.

However, doors are no longer just solid blocks that have to be opened to pass through. PVC strip doors have started to gain extreme popularity in various commercial spaces, and also in factories and industries due to their high functionality. If you want to enjoy the benefits, then you should definitely go for the PVC strip curtain. Austcold industries is an independently owned and operated business. They have maintained a high standard of customer service, and have provided products to thousands of customers all over Australia since 2000. They take pride in their prompt service and quick response to all enquiries.

Benefits of strip curtains in industries

There are various types of strip curtains available in the market. Plastic strip curtain, PVC strip curtain, plastic door curtain, vinyl strip curtain are few such strip curtains that are easily available. It is not necessary for them to be clear or transparent. If privacy is an important criterion for you, you can easily go for coloured door strips instead. These strip curtains are extremely versatile, and their area of usage ranges from children’s nursery to industries. Here are the few benefits of industrial strip curtains:

  • Cost-effective: Transparent strips are made from a compound of PVC. They are designed in such a manner so that they combine high clarity, flexibility and strength, all in one. This helps in providing easy access to all the pedestrians and vehicles so that they can pass through them easily. The strips that are UV-treated allow the natural sun light to come inside the working space without any discolouration. So, it allows you to make the maximum use of natural light and reduces your lighting bill by a great amount (since you will hardly need any artificial lights in the daytime). These strip curtains are also extremely easy to maintain due to the individual fastening system. So, if any particular strip gets damaged, you can easily replace just that damaged strip (without dismantling the entire curtain). This again helps you to save loads of money.
  • Energy conservation: When it comes to usage, strip curtains are extremely easy to use. As the PVC sheet is cut into thin strips, people or vehicle can easily pass through them. This lies in great contrast with the traditional doors (that have to be opened every time anyone or anything wishes to pass through it). So PVC strip curtains are extremely efficient and save a lot of energy, especially in factories and industries where a lot of transportation of equipment are involved. For cold rooms and freezer units, PVC strip curtains provide the best temperature and energy control. They minimize the wastage of energy that otherwise would get used up in extra heating or cooling. These strip curtains can also withstand extreme temperatures, from -45 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. Indirectly, we can say that they are the best option for the environment, as energy conservation goes a long way for environment conservation.
  • Pollution: PVC strip curtains helps in keeping the space clean by minimizing the amount of pollution, and restricting the amount of dust coming inside. They are a great solution for reducing noise pollution in workplaces, as strip curtains form great partitioning. Thus, they help in improving the work environment and also help in maintaining the aesthetics of the place. They also form a protective barrier against insects, rodents, sparks, splashes etc.

These are the few benefits of installing PVC strip curtains in industries. As they are easy to maintain and are highly durable – so, these curtains will last for a long time, once installed.


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