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People start blogging seeing others blogs but they do not know about the hardships that others might have gone through. They just see the fruits but not the efforts that one puts in sowing the seeds of success.

A blog is like a small sapling which needs proper ingredients to grow into a full-fledged tree before stating giving you fruits. There are many bloggers in this world who are reaping the results of their hard work and trail they have put in. One such blogger is a very young girl who started blog just for the sake of interest but now that blog is earning her millions.

…Must be surprising, who this girl is?..So, this young girl is Michelle Schroeder.

How did Michelle Schroeder make $1 Million in One Year?

Can you imagine an MBA girl who has taken a student loan worth $38,000 would be able to earn $1 Million just from blogging in one year? And not only this, she even was able to do the repayment of all her student loan debt before the agreed time i,e 6 months.

Michelle Schroeder is an MBA and runs a blog “Making Sense of Cents” successfully. The blog “Making Sense of Cents” is all about tips on how to save and make money.

After completing Graduation, Michelle Schroeder got a job of Financial Analyst with a salary of $50, 000 along with bonus annually. Her main aim was to do the repayment of her study loan, but she was able to do that within six months of her job.

Tips to Earn Regular Income with Blogging

Michelle recalls her days of childhood and tells us about her, “I’ve always been super competitive, I would always win at a board game or jump rope the most, little things like that, and people would often joke, Michelle’s going to be president one day, or Michelle’s going to be a millionaire one day, because I was always so competitive, determined, and independent.”

Her friends and family also thought she would be successful because she always helped others with their problems. “Growing up, I was always super determined, so I don’t think anyone was surprised with how successful my blog was,” she says. “It was always expected of me — that I’d do something pretty out of the norm.”

Michelle is married to Wesley Gardener and living with him in a RV she bought of $11, 500. Initially, his husband was doing a full time job of a salesman of new cars but he quit his job to join her in blogging. Now, both of them are writing for their blog, “Making Sense of Cents”.

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How did “Making Sense of Cents” Happen to Michelle Schroeder ?

Michelle recalls how she started blogging as a hobby and was never so serious about its power. She had a friend who introduced her to an advertiser. It took her s ix months to earn $100 from the blog.

Till then she was not aware that blogging could bring her some income also as she was doing this for the sake of fun only.

Best Tips to get More Visitors and Traffic to Blog

She remembers how she would ignore all those mails from advertisers who wanted to sponsor her blog. But once she got to know about the business, she started replying the mails and fixed the rate of sponsored post on her blog as $100 or more. Along with this she made money with Google AdSense too.

Michelle earns by writing for other bloggers also.

Michelle Schroeder earnings with affiliate marketing

Michelle runs an online course on Affiliate Marketing also which teaches students how to earn with affiliate marketing. She is earning a very good amount of money from this as she stated how she earned $38, 000 with this course in November 2016.

This course has become a platform for her earning as people come and buy this and she gets paid by this.

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How much time Michelle Schroeder spend on blogging?

Michelle shares how she knew nothing about blogging before she started it. She would always think that only with full-time jobs she could raise her income.

Michelle spends around 70-80 hours per week on her blogging. Now she has stopped all her freelancing work as she wants to concentrate solely on her blogging work. She has an editor who edits her work before putting on the website. She spends at least 2-3 days to write a blog before making it live.

Life Style of Michelle Schroeder – Gardener

Michelle and her husband live in an RV worth $11, 500, and are writing for their blog. Earlier to this, her husband was a salesman of new cars, but he quite that job to join blogging with Michelle.

Michelle Schroeder RV

They are living in RV which 400 square feet is including all the sides being out. They are enjoying there life and fulfilling their dream of travelling. The couple has moved about 50 countries in the world so far and planning to do more.

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There hard work is really paying them perks, Omilights is wishing them all the best for the future.

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