BoysLockerRoom Case on Instragram Social Media Group

Boys Locker Room

Recently, ‘Boys Locker Room’ case has been able to attract most of the people towards it. But  many are still not aware with this case.  So, for them we are going to tell about this case in brief here.

What is Boys Locker Room case?

It is also called “BoisLockerRoom” case actually, with this a group has been found on Instagram app. Instragram is a social media Application that people use to interact with each other, sharing pics or promote their business. But this latest news has created sensation as no one would ever imagine that it could be used in this way too.

The case is into the hands of police now which has written to Facebook-owned social media app Instagram to probe into the matter. The group no longer exists on Instragram and has been removed.

This is really a nightmare to many parents and shows how digital media could be misused by many.

Who created ‘Bois Locker Room’ group on Instragram

It was found that a group with name ‘Bois Locker Room’ was created in Instragram by a group of people who would involve teenagers and young students of some of the most nominated schools of NCR.

The group would talk about rape, sexual objectification and also morph photos of school girls or talking shit about them.

Who is responsible for Boys Locker Room?

Parents, teachers, education system and the whole society is responsible for this negligence towards the kids. These little kids are so innocent and its our responsibility to take care of them. We leave them alone with smart phone, tablets or laptops and think we are giving them good education. But how many of them even take care to see what they are browsing and learning from online. Teenage is a stage where kids have to be handle with care and love. But here where most of the parents are failing guess.

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