Things we should never Keep in our Puja Room

Puja RoomEvery house has a space for worship, no matter how small or big it is. If the house is big enough, space is easily available for worship and placing idols but if the house is small, a small space is kept for worshiping the idols..

Whatever the place we fix for puja room, there are few things that we need to take care. A puja room is the most powerful place as it gives positive vibrations and is a constant source of positive energy. We can rectify few things by observing basic vastu art. However, we should prevent few things to place inside a puja room.

10 Simple Vastu Tips for Home

  1. Leather Items
    Leather is made up of animal’s skin, for which they are killed. Since puja room is the most auspicious one so bringing anything that is made up of leather is highly restricted. We must avoid leather items like purses, belts, mats, clothes, bags etc. as per Hindu Mythology in our puja room.
  2. Footwear
    Footwear carries dust and often made up of leather. They should be avoided inside a puja room and must enter bare-foot inside. Try not to place shoe rack also near the puja room. Not only in houses, we should always enter bare-foot in any temple, mosque or Gurudwara we visit.
  3. Photos of Deceased Ancestors
    People put the photos of their deceased ancestors along with the idols of deities they worship, just to pay respect and homage to their departed souls. They keep this as a respect to keep their soul at peace. However, as per the vastu experts, this should be immediately fixed as it can bring bad luck and unhappiness.
  4. Broken Idols and Stale Flowers
    Placing an idol in temple is very easy, but taking its care is very difficult. Broken idols are not good and need immediate replacement. Stale and old flowers should not be kept in temple for worshiping your idol.




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