Hypnosis – A Way to Deal with Present Chaos

This article has been written by Dr. Ruchi Thalwal who is a medical practitioner. We would like to thank her for joining us and sharing her thoughts with the world.


“Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help a patient remember long-forgotten incidents.”
– Brian L. Weiss

We all deal with regular chaos in our lives which we believe is normal. The stress which we undergo, the shoutings inside our heads, the fake calm face and attitude is the new normal. Yes, we may have asked ourselves a number of times “Why me?” and after some time we leave it on fate and just move forwards as usual till that point where its impossible to move ahead without solving the current circumstances.

Presently, every single person is perplexed with his/her life. Everyone want everything better than yesterday or with surrounding neighbours/colleagues from where the stress spearheads. From a subtle thought to the physical manifestation of the health related, personal and family problems.

Are we Really by Ourselves on this Earth?

Everyone in their life have at least one or two paramount concern(s) which they are unable to surpass themselves. Each person is different and so is their problems ranging from depression to suicidal thoughts and sometimes the dreadful suicide even. Ever wonder what might have gone so wrong that they were unable to overcome it or the necessary courage to face it.

Nearly 80% of population had suicidal thoughts sometimes in their lives which was a result of long time depression. Ironically, they have never contemplated to go for any therapy what so ever. The fear of being labelling by others is the primary concern.

Mind is a dominant tool from where the problem arise and additionally from where the healing occurs. One can easily undergo the hypnosis therapy which is the art of getting to the more suggestible subconscious mind instead of dealing with the more ego conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is about getting to the core issue rather than dealing with the superficial matter. It can not only help us to get rid of daily stress and anxieties but also can be used to increase the effectiveness of how one conducts themselves in public speaking, or tobacco/smoking addictions, eating disorders and weight issues or any love life problems, any traumatic events and it has also been reported to cure the infertile couples or eyesight and hair growth to name a few.

Regression is a part of hypnotherapy which deals with the subconscious mind which is more powerful and gets to the root cause without any hindrance from voices which we make up to explain ourselves consciously. This is the power of mind that it makes its own boundaries by listening to others or what we say to ourselves. In regression therapy, mind power is unleashed and people feel more confident and joyful when they know how to manipulate mind to work for its own good and growth rather than be its puppet. Yes, people understand themselves in much better clarity and are able to function from a much better understanding and joyfully accepting life and creating their new parameters of unlimited joyfulness and bliss.

Sometimes people do go to their previous lives in search of their answers which is documented in famous American  psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author who specializes in past life regression Dr. Brian Weiss books such as ‘Many lives, Many masters’ and ‘Only love is real’ etc. Although there is no scientific proof of its truth but people are reportedly healed from their years of phobias and ailments after undergoing regression therapy.

Astounding results in hypnotherapy is just the tip of iceberg where we are baffled by the healing potential of mind over body. Its described to significantly improve in range of difficult situations where modern medicine has failed to provide answers for.

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