Are we Really by Ourselves on this Earth?

This article has been written by Dr. Ruchi Thalwal who is a medical practitioner. We would like to thank her for joining us and sharing her thoughts with the world.


Have you ever wept and wailed through night to sleep and the very next morning felt light as feather? Have you ever had an inspiring idea out of blue when you had lost all hope? Have you ever wondered if you are entirely by yourself in this world or anybody had your back? How come small children are being taken care of when nobody is watching them (even if momentarily)?

What if someone tells you that you are never alone, you are unfailingly supported by the great affectionate divine beings each moment of your being, who love you more than anything, who accepts you more than anyone, who guides you even when you are not noticing, who never judges you, who never for a moment is annoyed at you, who is exclusively for you and you solely and will be there for you whenever and wherever you want them to be. Furthermore, what if they are not one but many!

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From the instant we were born here on this Earth, we have been assigned our ‘Guardian Angels‘ who are there to look after us in our voyage on this Earth. They are eternally loving, compassionate messengers of God who are there to safeguard us, comfort us, support us and escort us through tough circumstances. However, they will not interfere in our lives until we request them for their guidance and assistance as they won’t interfere in our divine gift of free will.

Some people have reported of their encounters with the angels at their desperate times. They are high vibrational beings, unlike us, whose vibrations fluctuate according to surroundings, emotions and every other trivial thing. It is not impossible for us to see, hear or feel them but as they are beings of high vibration we have to be in that matching vibration in order to communicate with them.

Although they are kind enough to leave their signs for us to believe that they are watching us. Some of them are:

  • Feathers in your path. It does not depend if birds live nearby or not. A feather is always undoubtedly a sign that our angels are nearby.
  • Coins or currency notes in our ways is a gentle reminder of them.
  • Rainbows and clouds in their form.
  • Glimpses of flashes of light or colour from corner of the eye and disappear when we try to focus them.
  • Feeling of warmth all of sudden or feeling of loving benevolent touch or hug.
  • Synchronicity in your life like encountering same number where you observe. For example. noticing number 303 on someone’s car number plate, then the time 3:03 by your watch or house number 303, mobile number ending on 303.
  • Fragrance of scented aromas out of nowhere.
  • Unexpected reply to your questions from uncommon places like from the book which you are attracted to or article or from someone’s dialogue.
  • Miracles no matter how miniscule but noticeable by you and from inside you just know it was blessed intervention. Example: to be in right place with right people, getting through any exam for which you were not prepared well, getting help at uncharted place from mysterious sources etc.

Sometimes we confuse our departed ones as angels but they are spirit beings who also guide us when we seek their advice. Angels on other hand are our own set of divine companion whom we have assigned to ourselves in consultation with celestial orders exclusively for us to tread through the path of knowledge which we are here to learn while living to fullest.

Angels have always looked after us with their unconditional and unfathomable love. Only if we could realize or even sense their presence in our lives, we will be blessed to experience our lives without having to brood about anything as from inside we know that we are being taken care of by the divine himself.

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