Crowdsourcing – Pros or Cons


What is Crowdsourcing?

The term “crowdsourcing” can be split into two words to better understand it i,e. crowd and outsourcing.  So, we can say Crowdsourcing is a platform where a number of participants take part, and bid for a single project. And the winner in return wins the amount. There are number of professionals who are actively participating in such contests and earning  good amount by winning projects.

Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing

Contest organizers who want a design, logo, website or any other services often start a contest via Crowsourcing.  The benefits of Crowsourcing is that one gets to see multiple solutions to choose from.  We have multiple options to choose before finalizing any single design. Also, the winner wins the amount if his design is accepted.

The main disadvantage is that many times no solution is accepted, and the hard work goes in vein, or sometimes one has to reduce the price of his work and services, due to multiple competitors available.

So what do you think if the crowdsourcing is good?

Many answers the above question in “NO”, because they think that in this a person does not do the proper and thorough search of a project, and places a bid without proper information due to which many things are skipped related to the business.

Most of the bidders are freelancers and have a carefree attitude. Due to this, they do not give their 100% to any project. On the other hand if the company hires another firm, and asks them to provide them a design instead of organizing Crowdsourcing then it has many advantages.

One of the main advantage of Crowdsourcing is trust and full knowledge. When a company is hired then a proper exchange of documents, content and information is made which makes it clear for a designer to go into the depth and design options depending on that. This way the output would be more relevant and company oriented. Many people think that Crowd sourcing is hampering designers talent and stopping them to search something great for them as they are running after small projects.

Earning through Crowdsourcing

It was Jeff Howe who used the term Crowdsourcing for the first time.  Since then Crowdsourcing has been a mean of earning for many people. But do not think that you would start earning overnight as it needs patience and hard work. Sometimes there are too many people around the world who are bidding for a common project, and many times they have to wait a long for success.

It is advisable to put 100%  efforts in any project you get through Crowdsourcing, so that your client comes back to you for his next project. This is the reason why we should try to provide 100% to the client in the very first attempt, so that he comes back to us only and do not look towards the other people.


Those who have extra time and determined to participate in bidding and have patience can participate in Crowd sourcing. But for real talent and great careers it is advisable to say no to Crowd sourcing.

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