Don’t write off AAP yet, no bargaining in national executive meeting: Yogendra Yadav

Source: TOI

NEW DELHI: Senior AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said on Thursday that he did not believe that the party has lost is transparency.Yogendra Yadav removed from AAP PAC

“It is not a big deal if Prashant Bhushan and I have been removed from the AAP’s PAC as long as the party prospers,” Yogendra Yadav said

Yogendra Yadav also said that “the idea of Aam Aadmi Party is bigger than any one of us.”

“It would be presumptuous to believe that Prashant Bhushan and I were the two conscience keepers of the party,” Yogendra Yadav said.

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“I can assure you that there was no bargaining in Wednesday’s meeting,” Yogendra Yadav said.

When asked that whether he is still the party spokesman, Yogendra Yadav said that he had not been told anything about it.

“Do not write off AAP yet. Don’t start thinking that there is no difference between the AAP and other parties,” Yogendra Yadav said.

Commenting on Mayank Gandhi’s blog in which he has revealed the details of AAP’s national executive meeting, Yogendra Yadav said that,” finally, the truth prevails”. But he himself refused to comment on the meeting.

Senior AAP leader Mayank Gandhi, who was present in the party’s national executive meeting on Wednesday, has said that he was taken aback by the resolution to remove Yaogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the party’s political affairs committee(PAC).

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In his blog post, Mayank Gandhi has said that the decision to throw out Yaogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the PAC was against sentiments of volunteers.

Mayank Gandhi said that he was asked not to reveal the details of the national executive meeting to anybody.

“I would be dishonest to accept the gag order,” Mayank Gandhi said.

“Last night I was told that disciplinary action would be taken against me, if I revealed anything. So be it – my first allegiance is to the higher truth,” Mayank Gandhi has written in his blog.

Mayank Gandhi has also explained his reasons for abstaining during the voting.

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“The decision to sack them was against the overwhelming sentiments of volunteers from all over the world. So, while I agreed that they can step down from the PAC, the manner and intention behind the resolution was not acceptable. Hence, the decision to abstain,” Mayank Gandhi said.

Mayank Gandhi further writes: “This is not a revolt, nor is this some publicity ploy. I will not go to the press. There may be some repercussions overt and covert against me. So be it.”

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