Lok Sabha Passes Muslims Triple Talaq Bill


Narender Modi and his party was trying to pass a bill against Muslims triple talaq practice since very long time. And, it got success on 29 December, 2017 when the bill was passed in Lok Sabha with majority. The ruling party did not have to face much rejection as because of its majority in Lok Sabha but this does not seem to be easier in Rajya Sabha where it lacks majority.

Though the Muslim Women Bill(reserves the women protection of Rights on Marriage) was passed with the consent of Opposition in Lok Sabha but the opposition demanded to scrutinize the use of word “criminalization” from the bill.

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Triple Talaq is a way in muslim community in which a man can give divorce to his wife just by saying “Talaq” three times instantly. It’s a very old practice and society would often condemn this act. As many times, a husband just divoreces his wife for some funny reasons like not waking up early, not making tea for him or can say if she does not behave according to his wishes. A woman who is divorced like this is left with not option. This is really very silly to get the marriage break on such minor reasons.

According to this the bill that has been prepared by an inter-ministerial group headed by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, now bans instant triple talaq in any way – verbal, written or by electronic medium like email, sms etc. is illegal and banned. The person trying to give instant talaq can be punished with three years of imprisonment also.

There are few countries which ban and punish triple talaq already. For example Bangladesh, Egypt  and Pakistan have one year imprisonment if husband in those countries do not give notice to his wife before giving divorce through triple talaq.

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