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The world has come closer in terms of contacts due to the developments in technology.  Earlier, mobiles were used for talking only with people, but now since the inception of smart phones, many mobile chatting software have been built and people have start chatting and sharing things through smart phones.

One of the most commonly used mobile app is WhatsApp. Although there are many chatting apps but this is the most commonly app, as it comes with many great features which leave others far behind.

Key features of Whatsapp:

  1. Send Entire History
    We can send entire WhatsApp history via email. For this, click on the Menu option in conversation and then go to “more”, and from there select  “Email Conversation”. This will send all the messages, photos or any video etc. to the email id you select.
  2. Customised Background Screen:
    One can change chat screen in WhatsApp application as per the interest. For this, either you select any default background images in your android device or can use your personalised shot images.
  3. Store Data
    The images, videos you received or sent via conversation would always remain in the memory of your device, even after you uninstall WhatsApp application.

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  4. Select Profile Pic:
    One is able to select his own profile pic by going into settings and choosing “Profile” from there. You can either choose default image on your phone or snap your own photo with the device.
  5. Send Mutilmedia Messages:
    WhatsApp not only send text messages, but can send videos, voice messages, contacts etc. also.
  6. Change Status:
    One has full leverage in changing the status as per the convenience like, At work, Battery about to die, In a meeting, Sleeping, Urgent Calls only etc. This is really a very important feature, as many times we are busy but still get messages from friends and others and many times calls also. By simply setting status to “Busy” we can let our friends that we are busy and not able to take calls.
  7. In-built lock:
    WhatsApp comes with the feature of in-built app lock or you have an option to choose mandatory four digit sign-in mechanism. This can save your WhatsApp conversation save and inaccessible to any one.
  8. Recall Message:
    Many times we send some message which we have sent but think to get them back as realized later that we did not want to send, so what would you wish for? Yes, we would want back that message to our device. So for this, there is another very important feature of WhatsApp which is “Recall Message”. This will bring back your sent messages within few seconds of sending messages.AlsoRead: WhatsApp added new features in its latest version 2.12.535

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