Flying Buddies: Advanced Drones that are Ready to be Your New Best Friends

flying buddies

Owning your first drone must give you a great rush and the good news is that it is not a complicated piece of machinery. A drone comes with the requisite hardware, software, advanced functionality, tools that are designed to perform certain functions such as taking high resolution aerial images, surveying the land, measuring the same, etc. The fact remains that drones are inexpensive and easy to operate so this is the best time to purchase one and in the process have tons of fun as well. But here are a few beginner tips that you may need to review, irrespective of whether you are planning to purchase a basic drone or an advanced one; so check them out.

  • Read the Manual: This holds true for all products and the same applies to your advanced drone as well. Review the manual in detail ad soon, you should be able to learn how to operate it seamlessly and without any self doubts. Operating it should be fairly easy but you may not get it right in the first few attempts which is all the more reason for you to review the online guide as well as manual before you make your attempt. Just search online for DJI Drone, Australia” and you should get a listing of all the current available drone models – pick the one that catches your fancy.
  • Use the Flight Simulator: One of the mistakes that several users make is that they attempt to take their drone airborne right away, with obvious results. This is why it is essential that you learn what each button on your drone stands for and its basic functionality. You also need to understand how your drone operates to remote control and that is why you need to utilize the flight simulator. Use the flight simulator and familiarize yourself with the in-flight controls and what each stands for and in addition, you may also want to review the online guides with video, in detail. 
  • Obstacle Avoidance: You can search online for DJI Spark fly more combo, as well as other drones and you would see that most of these drones come with obstacle avoidance. The fact is that it is a good thing if your drone comes with advanced functionality such as obstacle avoidance but you should not rely on the same too much. The fact is, depending on the speed and lighting, your drone’s obstacle avoidance may not function as expected. So make sure that when you fly your drone, you avoid all obstacles on your own.
  • Animals and People: A park is a great place to take your drone out for a dry run but you should also be aware that drones emit ultrasound, which can have an effect on your animals. So make sure that your pet is back home and not with you at the park, when you fly your drone. Additionally, some people may find it too distracting which is all the more reason that you should avoid flying your drone in the midst of heavy traffic, as in the highway.
  • Battery: It is important that you keep your battery fully charged and at the same time calibrate your compass as well. This should be part of your pre-flight checkups and ensure that your drone’s battery does not conk out midflight.
  • Return to Home: You may want to set your drone to “return to home” setting as this should ensure that the drone returns back at the pre-set altitude right back to the start point.  And remember to check your drone for signal bars that Indicate that satellites are nearby. That means that the GPS is alive and working fine; it is essential that your GPS indicator is working as it is supposed to, for a safe flight.

These are some of the points that you would want to consider when taking out your drone for a flight. Just remember to follow these points, along with a pre-flight checklist and your drone should be fine.

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