What Factors are Responsible to Rank Website on Search Engines?


When someone makes a search on Google, it shows the results that are in the google directory and not the entire internet or other search engines.

Every other person has started writing a blog thinking it would earn him life time income. But this is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea. I am not going to discuss it in detail here as we already have a different article on that. You can check,  Why Blogging is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea?

How far your can take your website depends upon your hard work, consistency and various other factors, and SEO is one of them.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, means optimizing your website to get it on the top listing of searching websites out if which Google is the one and most important also.

SEO is also of two types; off-page and On-page. Off page SEO is done out of the website to collect more-and-more back-links that help in bringing more traffic to your website.

We will not discuss on how to get more visitors to your website as we already have written a separate post on it. You can click on the link to know how to get more traffic to your website. Here we will only discuss how the websites are ranked.

The Page rank ranges from 1 to 10 on Google where 1 is for those websites which are very new or rejected by the google. Websites having page rank of 2 to 3 are average and if it is 4 that means it is above average and has started to warm-up. At the time of writing this post, the page rank of Omilights.com is 4. Page rank 5 to 7 is good for the website as its very difficult to cross 7. Very few websites like, Google, Adobe etc. have been able to do so far.So try to take your website up-to 7 with following simple tips.

How Are Websites Ranked?

As told above, when we make a search on Google, it brings the best result from the pages that are in its database and that match more to your specific query.

Google has its own formula or algorithm which is very difficult to go through. But yes we can know the top five factors that play an important role in getting your website ranked on Google search results.

What Factors are Responsible to Rank your Website? 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is actually the marketing of your website. You can consider it as the marketing department for your website that sells your product. No matter how good your content is, but till you do not follow few SEO tips,  it’s not going to get you the desired results. The basic SEO involves titles, keywords, description alt tags on images etc.

It takes about 2-6 months for a new website to come on Google search results. One should try to create more back-links which is a part of Off-page SEO as mentioned above.  Try to do as much off-page and On-page SEO for first few months before it starts showing the results.

Content Quality

Good quality content is the key to your returning traffic. If you have written your posts and got the traffic but the visitors do not find your content interesting, they are not going to come back to your website.

Words and titles headings should be used in such a way that they are related to the title of the page. So, be consistent and write good quality of content with desired length. Keep on adding new content and updating the older posts. This way google bots keep an eye on your blog and they come up in the top of search results.

Keyword and Description

Keywords play a very important role in SEO and in improving page rank. The keyword should not be very lengthy and be selected relevant to the content published do on the page. You should not create a huge cluster of keywords in your post and keep them short but relevant.

Clean Domain

People try to sell and buy links to get the back-links. Also, they sell objectionable content on the website. Search engines like Google comes to know everything and if it finds anything, it will just penalise the whole website and will not allow to come even in the search results on Google.


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