How to Get More Traffic To Your Blog?

how-to-get-more-visitors-on-your-websiteEverything online is a game of visitors. The more visitors a website has, the better chances of it getting business.

How to get more visitors on a website or a blog?

This question is a very common one and needs a perfect answer as it only decides the approach that we would be taking.

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People spend thousands of bucks in getting SEO of their website but get nothing in return.

It is very easy to start any blog but very difficult to make it a successful one. WordPress is the common platform that makes it easy for us to install and start running a blog.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is a good practice if you want to get instant results but nothing can bring an overnight business to you. It needs a consistency and little patience.

Everyone wants to get on the top 10 search results on google but do not forget that like you there are many more in the market who are already trying hard like you. And, many more are starting blogging or coming into online business on daily basis. So the competition is not with those who are already in the market, but with them also who are planning to start sooner.

Although many SEO companies are there in the market that can help you in fulfilling your dream of getting highlighted your work but there are few things that you can follow and start right away to get a better ranking on google, yahoo, Bing or other search engines.

Have you ever wondered in-spite of your hard work you are not getting a good rank on search engines while others have got top positions with a very little work. There are few things that if followed then you can also have top rankings like others.

Different Types of SEO

There are two type of SEO; On-Page SEO and of-Page SEO. When it is done within website, like Meta keywords, description, content, title etc. it is said to be on page SEO as it is done directly within website. But when SEO is done out of the website like email marketing, guest blogging, video submissions, Commenting etc., it is said to be of-Page SEO.  This SEO helps in the build-up of backlinks. Backlinks help in getting more traffic to your website or blog from external means.

Once good amount of backlinks are done, do not just sit without planning further. As backlinks can bring lot of traffic to your website but they will not return if not find it more informative.

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Best Tips to Get More traffic to Your Blog

  1. Keep your Audience in Mind When Writing Content
    You audience is the one who is going to read you content. But he will read it only if he finds it interesting. You can add info-graphics like videos, graphics or any other collection of facts.
  2. Content Should be SEO Friendly
    If your blog is set-up on WordPress, Drupal or Joomla which are open-source, SEOs is simple and easy to set-up. WordPress offers many free plugins that can be downloaded and easily added to the blog.There are few things that we can do in the blog from SEO perspective.
    • Addition of alt tag in images
    • Addition of Meta-Tags like Meta-Keywords and Meta-Description in the header of your blog
    • Proper choice of Keywords in the blog. But they should be only 3-4 in any article as more than that can be penalised by the Google. Also, the keywords should be matching your content and should be related to the context.
  3. Don’t Ignore the Power of Social Media Platform

    Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platform that has around 300 million users every month taking part actively. Pinterest and Instragram are also social medium platforms gaining more visitors now a days and has become favorite of many.

    You can post your blogs and follow others to spread the words and make them reach your blog. Similarly, Facebook and YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn are also online platforms that can help you get more visitors to your blogs as the number of users in them is increasing day by day.

    Creating an online account on these social websites is free and easy.

    You can add your friends or relatives on these websites or can add those also who are not friends but are in the same business and looking for followers. Once you are registered on these sites, you can share your content with those in your friend list. Just search for the content online related to your blog and post your link there. But the content sand the link should be matching.

  4. Start Guest Blogging on Other Websites
    This is one of the best tip for for more visitors. But do this on those websites that are doing very good business and come in the top rankings on Google. This practice makes you easily come in the eyes of those who are into the same business like you and want to get more links and visitors. You can even share the link in your guest post.

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