Golden Girl Hima Das from Assam Breaks Record

Hima Das

Hima Das won the first gold in historical track event for India. Hima , who is mere 18-year-old win is not less than any fairy tale, as she entered the racing track some two years back only and belonged to a not so rich family in Assam.

Hima won 400m gold at the AIFF World under-20 athletics in Finland on Thursday, 12th July, 2018. After this win, Hima became the first Indian athlete who won a track gold at a global meet. Hima has proved that she is no less than  any other girl and has established her name in the list of India sportswomen.

In the event, she was not in the top three during the 35th seconds of the race, but she grabbed the speed and made her cross the finishing line ahead of all other participants. She proved that will power and determination can bring any success to anyone.

President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Ravi Shastri, Rohit Sharma and many other sportsman appraised and hailed Hima’s achievement.

Background of Hima Das

Hima Das was born on 9 January, 2000 in Nagaon, Assam to a family of farmers.

Hima belongs to a very humble background and is one of the six siblings. Her father,  Ronjit Das, has a small piece of land which is the source of their bread and butter while mother, Jonali Das is a house wife. Hima used to play football with his villager boys, before her local coach noticed and encouraged her to try her luck in athletics.

Hima came to Guwahati to get coaching under her coach, Nipun Das.  She did not have expensive pair of shoes and would often run with cheaper shoes. She won inter-district race by wearing those cheaper shoes. This is when her coach, Nipun Das got surprised and brought her to Guwahati, where she got international standard spikes shoes. She had to convince her parents to allow her coaching in Guwahati, which they agreed to.

Family reaction after her win

Hima’s father, Ronjit Das told the media after her win,“Hungama ho gaya hai…she has made the country proud. ” Ronjit Das is a farmer in Kandulmari village in Assam’s Nagaon district.

He further said, “I always believed she would win it. She called me from Finland last night informing me of her victory. ” Ronjit further told how she had love for football, kabaddi and sports since her childhood. She would drive around in the tractor and work in the farms also. Due to her interest in sports, Hima had to drop out from her college and had to go away from her family for practice and coaching.

Earlier achievements of Hima

  • Hima won 400 m gold at the World U-20 athletics in Finland in 2018.
  • Hima had won in the 2016 international junior meet in Coimbatore where she reached the final.
  • She won gold in 100 and 200 meters race in 2016, one month after her above win.

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